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5 Reasons To Visit Prague In Autumn

Europe is full of numerous cities and small towns that can take your breath away especially in the fall when the colorful style and the smell of rain filling the streets and small alleys. Autumn is the time when you can enjoy a relaxed holiday. Beautiful gardens together with trees that have colors of autumn, trails, museums…The choice is yours, but we recommending to visit Prague in this period of time.

The architecture of Prague

The wonderful architecture of Prague shine under the autumn sun and on the streets you can literally see the city’s history that goes back hundreds of years. On the entrance to the old town you will first find the Charles Bridge. From the both sides of that bridge coming statues one after another and as you go on you will have an excellent view of Prague Castle town. In fact, it is not just an ordinary castle, but a collection of structures built in the period from the 10th to 20th centuries. It contains almost all the architectural routes from the last millennium. Beautiful buildings are also the old square and the Prague astronomical clock, the Presidential Palace and the house of Franz Kafka.

Autumnal walks

In autumn the leaves of trees in the city receive copper-orange color, so feel free to call that town the “Golden Prague”. Visit one of the city parks as Petrin Park, which is located on the highest hill. Or simply get lost at Summer Park, which has a view of the eastern part of the city and river Vltava. Prague is charming throughout the entire year, but in the autumn you can experience the most beautiful panoramic walks. This city is like treasure detection.

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Sound of Prague

Whether you love classical or contemporary music, Prague has everything to offer. The Czech Philharmonic is far known for the opera Don Giovanni by Mozart, which is part of the repertoire since October 1787. If you want modern music, during November is maintaining Agha RTA jazz festival.

The food in Prague

Traditional Czech food is very rich and heavy, perhaps in the summer is not a good idea, but in the autumn warm and rich meal is certainly better choice.

The drink in Prague

We have all heard of the legendary Czech beer, but wine each fall steals throne when it comes to drinks. Visit the Botanical Garden and try Burčák, partially fermented wine which is selling only from September to November.

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