5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Monaco

Monaco is one of the world’s smallest but one of the most exotic locations. Spread across an area of barely 200 hectares, Monaco has so much to see and experience that many larger countries in the world cannot compete with. Many people who travel to Monaco underestimate its worth and add adjoining countries to their travel plans. This is probably because they get deceived by the geographical area of the region. However, contrary to the popular myth Monaco deserves longer trio duration so that you can live your experience to its fullest. There are numerous reasons why everyone should visit Monaco at least once in their life, but we will give you 10 reasons that will convince you to book your flight to Monaco.

Monte Carlo Casino

Whether you are a casino person or not, this one is something you cannot skip. Monte Carlo is not just your everyday casino. It is by far the most beautiful and most intricately designed casino in the world. The aura that the architecture and interior of Monte Carlo creates transports you to the classical era of nineteenth century where you can experience the class and glamour of that time. The casino is open for groups and tours every day from 9 am to 12 pm at a fee of 10 euro per person. That said, the casino is closed for groups during Monaco Grand Prix in May, so if you are planning to visit Monaco specifically for attending the Grand Prix that you might get a little disappointed here.

Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco

If you are a car race fanatic then this will trigger adrenaline. Monaco hosts one of the biggest car racing events in the world every calendar year. What makes it so interesting is the fact that Monaco boosts one of the most challenging racing tracks in the formula 1 race around the world. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and serene landscapes, enjoy your favorite cocktail with your friends as you see racers speed through the tracks in some of the most exotic cars.

Drive along the coast in a Supercar

Monaco has a short but a beautiful coastline that is marked by exquisite villas and yachts of the rich. It is an experience of its kind to drive across this Mediterranean coastline and that too in an exotic super car. There are many car rental companies in Monaco that will rent you a Lamborghini or a Ferrari so that you can enjoy the exhilarating coastline with comfort and class.

The Rock of Monaco

If you are a history enthusiast you should not miss The Rock of Monaco. It is the heart of the classic Monaco town which depicts the classic character of the town. It is home to the oldest quarter of Monaco and the royal family’s residence. If you want to experience the essence of the old Monaco, Rock of Monaco is the place to be.

Glitz and Glam

Monaco truly fits the definition of an exotic, luxurious travel destination. Everything that the country has to offer is extravagant. Luxurious hotels, exotic yachts, supercars and vintage cars, and some of the finest food and wine collection in the world is all that you will find in Monaco. You will find some of the most expensive blends of wine that you might not come across anywhere else on a budget.

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