5 Secrets Of An Unforgettable Family Trip To Sicily!

Are you looking forward to holidays?

Check our hints for planning a successful trip to Sicily!

Explore the history of Sicily by visiting amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Roam through the ancient city-island, try delicious Arancini (rice balls made with fried breadcrumbs), relax in well-known resorts, enjoy splendid views of the city!

To visit all the special attractions we advise you to use a car rental service.Let yourself to have a pleasurable weekend in Sicily!

The World of Entertainment in outstanding Etnaland Theme park!


Image source: etnaland.eu

Location: C.da Agnelleria, Belpasso Catania
GPS position: 37.58982, 14.976828
Working hours: April-November, Mon-Sun 09.30-18.30
Ticket options: Adults 38€; Children 28€
Parking: Free

Do you want to find a chest with gold? First you have to overcome the long way with different obstacles, in the mountain tunnels…with unexpected turns… in darkness. If you want to relax for a while – try a boat trip in Love lagoon. Enjoy extreme Revo-Rock 360, Vortigo or Quasar slides where you will be shaken into different sides and swung. For the courageous ones we have prepared Etnaland Tower which is 60m high! Watch out! A huge Dinosaur is coming…Are you scared now? By visiting Cinema 4D you will experience incredible world of creatures. Bars, restaurants and pizzeria are open every day to satisfy the clients.

Amazing architecture in Giardini della Villa Comunale!

Image by Yves Doutreligne via Flickr

Location: Via Bagnoli Croce, Taormina, Sicily, Italy
GPS position: 37.85035, 15.292461
Working hours: May-October 9.00-19.00; November-April 9.00-16.00
Ticket options: Free
Parking: not available

This example of a luxurious park was created on the request of Count Lodovico Barbiano Belgiojoso. In 1921 the park became the Museum of the 19 century. It was made asymmetrically with many curves. It consists of the Gallery of Modern Art (neoclassical style), the Pavilion of Contemporary Art, ruins like sarcophagus Laura, Tower of Count Ugolino, Temple of the Fates and various sculptures. There are a playground for children, a cafe and a bar, a small kiosk. Enjoy the panorama of Sicilia right from this park. In the evening the view is especially amazing!

Unforgettable experience in Monti Rossi Adventure Park!

Image source: montirossietnaadventurepark.it

Location: Via Goethe, Nicolosi Catania
GPS position: 37.622045, 15.007251
Working hours: Mon-Sun 10.00-18.00
Ticket options: from 7 €

You will get an opportunity to escape from the city and enjoy the nature. Monti Rossi Adventure Park was the first of its kind in Sicilia, opened in 2008. 200 km of nature paths are waiting for the bravest ones! Who told that going in for sports is boring? Here you can have fun and check all your skills. Climb a rock or take part in different competitions. Various rope routes are well planned and carefully organized by instructors. Feel the adrenalin here!

The best way to have fun is Etnaland Aquapark!

Image by matt northam via Flickr

Location: C.da Agnelleria, Belpasso Catania
GPS position: 37.58982, 14.976828
Working hours: April-November Mon-Sun 09.30-18.30
Ticket options: Adults 35€; Children 20€
Parking:  Free

Travel into the fairy world of Dragon, with many adventures along the river and various secrets hidden in temple. And what aboutthe dangerous and thrilling Jungle Splash where you fall down from 30 m tower? Maybe you want to hunt for crocodiles and experience the jungle adventure? Than Crocodile rapids is definitely for you. Do not miss an exclusive laser show with 3D visual play of sound and lighting, travel through time and explore the history of light and much more!

Explore fascinating Ancient Greek Theater!

Image by dominique bergeron via Flickr

Location: Via Paradiso, 14, 96100 Syracuse, Sicily, Italy
GPS position: 37.075206, 15.277542
Working hours: Every day 9.00- 20.00
Ticket options: 6€
Parking: Available

Just imagine that you can visit a place where gladiators fought for their lives, well known orators proclaimed speeches, different performances took place, acrobats and actors showed their skills. This place is Syracuse Greek Theater.5th century B.C was the time when it was built, and reconstructed at the beginning of the 3rd century. In Roman times the structure of the Theater was also changed. Now we can find only the remnants of that almighty Greek Theater 140m high with 67 rows. Nevertheless it looks pretty good and worth a visit!

How can I get to all attractions in Sicily?

Image by Stijn Nieuwendijk via Flickr

Planning a trip you want to predict all situations that can appear and happen. But what to do if one point from your carefully made list has been spoilt? And all your amazing trip can be ruined… Well, to feel more confident get your own transport and nothing will influence your mood.

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