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5 things to Keep Your Home Safe While on Holiday

It’s that time of the year again for a family holiday to another state or country, and everyone is on a rush to pack up. But don’t be too excited to just fly off to some exotic destination. Remember that you’ll be leaving behind an empty home which is a magnet for vicious robbers. So, while you’re busy finalizing your checklist of what to bring for your holiday, you should also have a list of measures on how to burglar-proof your home. Here are five tips on keeping home safe while you’re away on a vacation or holiday:

Install smart lights and gadgets.

An empty home is easily known because of the absence of lights during night time, so it is best to install smart lights that have timers which automatically turn on at a specific time each day. You can also monitor your home even though you’re miles away with the help of smart gadgets like surveillance cameras that use an internet protocol or cloud system. This allows you to keep track of your home through your mobile phone.

Hold your mail and newspaper delivery.

Before you go on a holiday, it’s wise to visit your local post office and request them to temporarily stop your mail delivery until you come back. The same goes for your newspaper delivery service. Be sure to inform them to stop the service for the meantime while you’re still out of town.

Do not broadcast your vacation.

It’s understandable that you can’t hold off your excitement and have the tendency to take to social media and announce your much-awaited trip. However, avoid mentioning your travels on social media at all costs. Even thieves are now digitally up-to-date and posting your holiday on Facebook, or any other social media site will make your home a very easy target.

Consider a house or pet sitter.

This is quite a pricey option, but well worth it as a house and pet sitter can take care of your home and furry friends while you’re away. You can also hire your neighbor to do chores like picking up the mail, watering the plants and feeding your pets. This will deter bad elements because your home is well-maintained and with signs of human presence.

Don’t forget to lock up.

Before heading off to the airport, make sure that you’ve securely locked all doors and windows. Be sure to reinforce the base of sliding doors and windows with a piece of wood or any other block. Ensure that all entry points are securely locked. Outdoor enclosures like garages and sheds which contain valuable tools and equipment should also be secured well.

A family holiday is always something to look forward to after months of too much pressure at home, work and school. But don’t disregard your home and property which you’ll leave behind for a certain period of time. Ensure its security and safety by installing smart lights and gadgets, hiring a house or pet sitter and by locking up. Also, avoid broadcasting your vacation online and on social media and hold off your mail and newspaper delivery temporarily while you’re away on a holiday.

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