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5 Things to know about Melbourne, AU

Melbourne is one of the major cities in Australia. It is a great place to visit and is home to some tourist attraction sites that are popular around the world. Below are some of the things that you may not know about Melbourne.

Their form of transport

This beautiful city does have a lot to offer, with great restaurants and places to visit. You can easily get your way around all these places due to the efficient form of transport that Melbourne has. People commute mainly through two ways, one, through trains and two, through trams. They are pretty popular in Melbourne and are used to transport people all over the city. The most popular is the free City Circle Tram which enables tourists and fellow citizens in Melbourne to find their way around the city to various locations and events.

Contains beautiful parks and zoos

The city has some quite awesome parks, for instance, the Queen Victoria Gardens or the Royal Botanic Gardens. This locations present visitors with the chance to check out some of the exotic plants and enjoy nature to its fullest. These plants are next to various rivers that offer a lot of breathtaking sights. In addition to this, these parks contain trails which you can easily go on with your friends and family. Melbourne Zoo, another favorite for tourists is a great place to take your kids where they can get to see and interact with various animals and have fun.

Has a rich historical culture

Melbourne is home to quite a lot of museums that enable a person to acquire a lot of information on the history of the city. Some examples include the National Sports Museum and the Immigration Museum both of which explore various aspects of the heritage of the city. The city celebrates art, and thus, through the National Gallery of Victoria some of the best and oldest artworks down through the years are displayed. If you love culture and history, then Melbourne is the place for you. In fact, if you would like to actually move to Melbourne, then you can check out Brilliance Melbourne and receive the help you need.

Sporting is popular

Melbourne has quite the sporting culture, with some of the famous games being cricket, basketball, and soccer. With the many individuals who love playing and watching sports, the city becomes home to them. For instance, it contains the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which does not only host cricket games but has also hosted international sports events in the past as well, such as the Olympic Games, World Cup, and the Commonwealth Games. All of these are pretty popular and have been instrumental in cementing the sporting culture in the city.

Great coffee

If you are a coffee lover then this is absolutely good news for you. The people of Melbourne absolutely love good coffee and ensure that all their baristas are well trained to produce some of the best quality coffee. All the employers at coffee shops always make sure to get some of the best staff. This, in turn, will ascertain that nobody ever gets substandard coffee.

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