5 Things You Should Know Before You Move to Liverpool

What should you know before you move to Liverpool – one of the UK’s iconic cities? This city is full of culture, but you should not move here because of that alone. Like with any other city, first, do your homework.

Ask about the cost of living, public transport, landmarks, culture, and nature of the residents. Then, decide whether to move. But just for you, we’ve done the homework on Liverpool. Know the following before moving here.

1. Affordable Living

Before moving to Liverpool, or any place for that matter, you’ll want to know how much it’ll cost you to live there. Well, lucky for you, living in Liverpool costs you less than living in other major cities in the UK. If you don’t believe it, the results of a recent Numbeo.com report will dispel your doubts.

Numbeo compared London’s and Liverpool’s prices, and the disparity was revealing. Apparently, you pay about 17% more for anything in London than you do in Liverpool. And if that something is rent, this figure rises to about 73%.

2. Good Transport Links

What’s the use of living in an affordable city if you cannot easily get around? Although most cities in the UK boast of great transport networks, Liverpool boasts the most. Its buses, taxis, and trains are not only many but also affordable.

But if you’d rather walk than use public transport, then, by all means, feel free to do so. The city’s greatest attractions are all within a walking distance of each other. And when you tire of these attractions and city life as a whole, take a weekend off in the countryside. It’s only a half-hour’s train ride away.

3. City Attractions

Speaking of Liverpool’s attractions, just what are they, anyway? Landmarks dot the city, including renowned pubs, museums, cafes, restaurants, and exhibitions. For instance, there’s the famous Cavern Club. Or, you can stroll down Bold Street or the Albert Docks and visit the Tate Liverpool art gallery. In short, you’ll never lack something to do here.

4. Vibrant Culture

These many attractions make Liverpool a cultural capital of sorts. In fact, the city has the honour of being named both the European and the UK’s cultural capital. Remember, the Beatles and Atomic Kitten hail from here, which says a thing or two about Liverpool’s music scene. But besides musical events, you can catch plenty of literature and poetry ones as well.

5. Friendly Residents

Okay, so the cost of living, transport network, landmarks, and culture intrigue you. But what about the residents? After all, you’ll live among them when you move here. Don’t worry; Liverpudlians are the best part of moving here.

They’re so friendly and welcoming their city has been named the fourth friendliest one on the globe – yes, on the globe. Also, Wirral, one of Liverpool’s borough’s, has been named the happiest place to live in the Northwest. There are also tons of storage Wirral facilities, which will make moving to this area even more convenient.


There are many reasons why you should consider Liverpool. One, the cost of living here is lower than that of London’s by 17%. Two, the city’s transport network lets you get around easy. And lastly, you’ll have the chance to live next to friendly and welcoming neighbours.

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