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5 Tips to Having a Healthy Home

Keeping your house healthy is important for the welfare of your entire family. And regular cleaning plays a big role in making sure your home is safe from harmful elements that could cause sickness in the family. Aside from regular housekeeping and hiring professional cleaners like Sparkle and Shine Cleaning, it’s also important to keep the air inside your home clean. Here are 5 tips to having a healthy home that your family will love coming home to every single day:

Clean regularly

Cleaning your house regularly may seem like a daunting task but the rewards are very promising. Ideally, you should set up some time daily to do some basic up-keeping like sweeping the floor, making the bed, washing the dishes, and tidying the countertops. But aside from that, you should also take time at least once a month to do some deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning is much more intensive and laborious you might want to outsource this job to professional cleaners if your budget permits. This involves dusting and vacuuming even the hard-to-reach places like your light fixtures and above the cabinets. Faucets and showerheads are de-scaled as well. Vent covers and filters are washed. Carpets and blinds are spot cleaned too. To know more about the things you should cover, a quick search online will get you a detailed checklist for a thorough deep clean.

Check for molds

Molds in the house could cause a lot of unwanted health issues that could lead to severe health problems. They’re definitely something you want to get rid of and avoid by following these tips:

Purify the air

Indoor air quality is important in keeping your home healthy. Dirty and stagnant water coupled with high humidity encourage dust mites, mildew, and molds to grow in your house. This could trigger allergies and asthma among family members. You can purify the air around you naturally just by opening your windows to allow fresh air in. You can also try diffusing essential oils such as lavender and peppermint to improve air quality and ward off insects. Houseplants are also good to have because of their ability to mitigate pollution indoors.

Organize your things

Keeping your things organized and clean is one of the easiest ways to improve your home’s health. Your house is never clean when you have things scattered around and not in their proper places. Organizing your things is a habit. If you’re a self-confessed messy person, try little by little to build a habit of putting your bag in its designated corner when you come home from work. That’s a start. Then tidy your table by grouping things together and decluttering unnecessary items. Pick an organizing system that works for you and challenge yourself to be neat everyday.

Avoid smoking

Smoking not only smells bad but pollutes the air around you too. Avoid lighting up especially indoors because it’s unhealthy not just for your lungs but for the people inside as well. Secondhand smoke contains thousands of cancer causing substances you surely don’t want floating around your home.

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