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5 Tips To Painting Your House

1. Choose the right type of paint

After choosing your favourite colour to paint your house, it is also necessary to choose the right type of paint. There are two types of exterior paints, oil-based alkyd or water-based latex paint. Latex paint is preferred because it remains fluid longer so it does not crack. It also dries faster and can be cleaned with soap and water. Alkyd paint is also a good choice because it shows fewer brush strokes and it goes on smoother. The only disadvantage is that you’ll need a paint thinner to clean up when you are finished.

2. Paint from the top down

It is recommended to do all paint jobs from the top down so that there will be less accidental drips on previously painted areas. It will also make the job smoother as the painting job will be smooth flowing all the way down. Additionally, ensure that you know the right amount of paint needed per stroke, such that the final product will look smooth and even. To make for a much more even job, use a roller in place of a paintbrush as this will do the job better and faster.

3. Paint with a company

Whenever you are having a painting job, you should enlist the help of a few friends or family.  This will help since you will be able to complete the job faster, as well as helping with getting cans and brushes. Having company will also add a set of eyes in case you have missed a spot or you have messed up a part. If by any chance you do not want to mess your hands up, you can hire professional help. Residents of New Jersey can find professional painters in cherry hill to help them with their work.

4. Paint when it is shady

Whenever possible, do your painting job when the sun is not yet up and shining. If not, try to paint in the shade, with the sun being on the other side of the wall you are painting. Painting when the sun is not out will make it more comfortable to work and it will prevent premature drying of the paint, thus preventing cracking and flaking. Work fast, such that when the sun gets to where you were painting you will have finished up.

5. Prepare the exterior

When you are considering repainting your house, or painting it for the first time, ensure that the exterior is also beautiful enough to match. Clean up the exterior, fix the lawn tidy the fence and hedges such that the final product will be a sight to behold. Before you paint, clean the walls of all dirt with a power washer, and peel off any paint that may be peeling off. This will create a surface that is prime for adhesion with the new paint you are going to apply. Also, repair any parts that may have holes and prime areas that may be revealing bare wood.

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