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5 Tips to Sleep Better While Traveling

Are you planning a vacation or going on a long trip soon? Whether you’ll be traveling by land, sea, or air, make sure you are well prepared.While long trips can be very tiring and uncomfortable, there are several steps you can take to get some rest along your journey. Try these simple tips to catch some zzzs while traveling.

Block Out Bright Lights

Exposure to too much sunlight or bright lights keeps your brain stimulated and can hamper your ability to sleep comfortably. Try to eliminate or reduce unwanted light by turning off overhead lights, pulling down the window shade, if there’s one, or wearing a sleep mask. Choose a simple mask that is lightweight and can be easily adjusted with Velcro strips.

Get Comfortable

Use a neck pillow, portable mattress, blanket and ear plugs, if you have to. Being placed in an uncomfortable seat for your journey can be very annoying.  Invest in a neck pillow to help put you at ease. It takes the strain off your neck especially when you are not in a position to recline your chair. For a camper or large traveling vehicle where portable mattress can be inflated/expanded, bringing one will let you sleep luxuriously like home. A blanket can provide the ideal temperature to keep you cozy, while ear plugs will help to reduce external sounds. Once your body is at rest you will be able to sleep better and feel rejuvenated the next day.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

To prevent motion sickness, take a front seat if possible.If you’re traveling on a train or bus, choose a forward facing seat.Also, take advantage of your seat’s reclining feature. Sitting in a reclined position tends to be more comfortable and encourages better sleep. If you can afford it, opt to sit in first class to get extra leg room.

Try to avoid seats that are close to toilets or food areas. These areas tend to have constant traffic which will affect your ability to sleep. A window seat may be your best bet since it is away from direct noise and can also work as a great prop for your head.

Watch What You Drink

You may have heard that a glass of wine (preferably red wine) can relax you on long trips. However, according to the National Sleep Foundation, try to avoid caffeine, alcohol and soda beverages and consume caffeine-free herbal tea instead. Caffeine can keep you hyped for long periods while soda can make you feel bloated. If your stomach is not settled, you may not be able to rest comfortably. While wine can make you feel sleepy initially, it disrupts your sleep pattern and can cause you to be wide awake after a short doze.

Skip the TV

Contrary to popular belief, staring at the TV will not help you fall asleep. It is actually quite the opposite. The light from the TV and electronic devices tend to keep your brain stimulated and awake. So instead of watching movies and playing games, enjoy a good book on your trip or listen to some relaxing music with headphones.

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