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5 Tips for Students to Travel on a Budget

Sick and tired of endless assignments? Bored with academic paper writing routine? You need a change of scene. Why not visit another country? There’s a whole dimension of emotions and feelings you’ll experience. You’ll come back home with recharged life energy and motivation.

When planning your vacation, there’s plenty to consider.

Choose destination smart

The location you choose will have a major impact on how much (or little) you spend on this trip. There’re a lot of inexpensive places to visit. You can go to safari in South Africa. Or enjoy beautiful islands and beach-huts aplenty in Thailand. It’s the best time to visit Caribbean Island due to the warming of relations between Cuba and the US.

Other places for affordable travel are Vietnam, Uruguay, Prague (Czech Republic), Greece, Guatemala, Bulgaria, India, Portugal, Mexico, New Orleans, USA, Laos, Shanghai (China).

Save on flights

There’re loads of travel tools online to help you find flights on a tight budget, and even get the killer deals. Sign up for the airline newsletters, such as Secret Flying and The Flight Deal. Some offers are available for 24 hours only. So, check your email regularly. is a great tool for spotting the cheapest flights from any airport.

Travel during “shoulder periods”, the time just before and after the main travel season. You’ll enjoy cheaper prices on airfare, lodging and other amenities along with fewer crowds.

Rome 2 Rio will tell you how to get to any destination by plane, train, bus, car, and ferry, as well as how to do it in the cheapest way.

Beat airline baggage charges with a help of wearable luggage. These are travel jackets, hoodies, and pants with pockets for necessary things, including iPad or Tablet pocket.

Save on accommodations

When it comes to economical accommodations, hostels are some of the cheapest beds in town. If you’re sick of the usual hostel rooms, browse AirBnB. It is a website where locals rent out their sofas, spare rooms, and whole apartments.

You can cut out the cost even more. Use Facebook for this purpose. Friends of your friends can be the people who will welcome you into their home. Though it will cost you a dinner and a few beers, the savings will be large! And remember that couch surfers are always ready to open their doors to visitors.

Consider volunteering

Helping the world’s most vulnerable people is both a precious experience and an opportunity to travel. You pay with your time rather with money, making the world a better place.

Some poorest communities live in tourist-attractive countries. For example, Guatemala, where most people live below the poverty line, is a compelling mix of natural beauty, Maya traditions, and colonial legacies.

Pay attention to details

Tasting a new cuisine is a must when you are in a foreign country. Avoid buying food in an area of major tourist sights. It is double-priced. Eat like a local. Street food, mall single-dish restaurants, and markets are so much cheaper! It’s so much cheaper and just as tasty, not to mention traditional.

As long as you have the Internet access, you can communicate with your family via Skype, Viber or WhatsApp. Google Hangouts even allows making phone calls to U.S. and Canada for free!

Save on foreign currency exchange. Your bank card will carry the best currency exchange rates. Forgo bringing a wad of cash and instead withdraw local currency from the ATM as needed.

If you’re embarking on a journey soon, I encourage you to keep a travel journal. It will make it easier to explain all those wonderful photos that you took. If you decide to write essays one day, these records will be your fount of ideas. The journal is going to come in handy when you’re senile and your grandkids want to know about your life.

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