5 Tourist Attractions in New South Wales that You Do Not Want to Miss

New South Wales (NSW) is the oldest state in Australia and one of the most diverse. The state capital of Sydney is one of the most famous and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Away from the urban world, visitors to the state can explore the beauty of the Blue Mountains and the picturesque surroundings in the Shoalhaven area.

This array of different landscapes is one of the reasons why NSW is one of the most popular destinations for an Australian road trip. Let’s take a look at 5 of the top tourist attractions you should visit if you travel to the state.

Sydney – the state capital

You cannot talk about a visit to NSW without mentioning its stunning capital city. Sydney is home to famous sights such as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. It’s also a great place to take a boat trip and enjoy the beauty of the waterfront, from the water.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are hugely popular with visitors to the area and Sydney natives alike. The mountains are located around 65 km outside of Sydney and they are a truly stunning place to visit. You can spend time exploring incredible gorges and admiring glistening waterfalls.

Jervis Bay – Shoalhaven

Jervis Bay is one of the most popular destinations for family holidays around Shoalhaven. It’s home to an array of pristine beaches which are perfect for everyone to enjoy. You can also pay a visit to the marine park where you can see bottlenose dolphins, penguins and seals. When the whale migration takes place, from May to November, you can also see these magnificent creatures in the area.

Charliekay [CC BY-SA 4.0]

The Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is a truly stunning area to visit and it’s only about a two hour drive outside of Sydney. The Valley is one of the most famous grape growing regions in the country. It’s also a haven for people who enjoy great food experiences. This is where you will find some of the best fresh produce in Australia.

You will also find many cooking schools and top class restaurants where visitors can prepare their own culinary delights or sample those that have been prepared by others. If you visit the Hunter Valley area do not forget to pay a visit to Hunter Valley Gardens. You may also want to spend time strolling around one of the many art galleries in the region.

The Snowy Mountains

During the winter months the Snowy Mountains area is hugely popular with skiers. It’s home to Mount Kosciuszko which is the highest peak in Australia. This is not just a place for winter visiting though, it’s just as popular during the summer months.

Svanscho [CC BY-SA 4.0]

It’s at this time that hikers, bush walkers and climbers come to stay in the Snowy Mountains. They are joined by avid fisherman and water sports enthusiasts who gather around the alpine lakes.

If you are paying a visit to NSW you should be inspired by these five impressive tourist attractions, amongst the many other sights to see in this great state.

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