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5 Unique Businesses to Start in Texas

Texas is a fantastic place to start a business. But you’ll find that despite it being a business-friendly place, it takes time and creativity to make yourself successful.

Thanks to its low taxes and available business tools, Texas is an entrepreneur’s dream. This not only encourages you to make more of a profit, but it has vast grants for industries to take advantage of. Besides this, you’ll find Texans are very much into supporting local businesses, which can help smaller ones have a better chance of succeeding.

If you’re interested in starting a Texas business, check out the article below. Here you’ll discover some interesting business ideas to start in Texas and why they’re worth taking note of.

A 3D Print Shop

As 3D printing becomes more in demand, setting up a 3D print shop could be worthwhile. This industry caters to various needs and can help businesses quickly manufacture goods or parts that would otherwise take days or weeks to make.

But it’s not just major businesses your 3D print shop can work for. You could also open a shop to make toys or custom orders for special projects. In addition, you can sell your objects in a traditional store or open an online shop.

3D printers come with various features depending on your niche. Three main types you’ll come across are:

These printers and their materials can be pricey, so you’ll need to prepare to invest quite a bit initially. However, because it’s a growing industry, you’ll quickly make this investment back and make an impressive profit.

A Touring Agency

Whether it’s the desert or the ocean, Texas has a vast geography, and many want to experience it. By starting a touring agency, you can reach this need while also being creative. For instance, you could start an eco-tourism company or base one solely around the state’s cuisine.

To make your name even more known, reach out to local businesses to collaborate. This won’t only increase their business but gives you a chance to advertise yourself.

A Winery

You might be surprised to learn that Texas is an excellent place for vineyards, thanks to its distinctive climate. This can be a very profitable business but one that takes time and money.

To start a vineyard, you need to find the perfect location (typically the Trans-Pecos region) and apply for both federal and state winery permits so you can sell your goods.

Apart from making wine, you can also grow grapes to sell at local markets or provide to restaurants. This way, your business can be versatile.

Landscaping Services

This might not seem like a distinctive business to start, but landscaping can be unique depending on the services you offer.

Homeowners and shop owners rely on landscaping services to do basic tasks like mowing grass, trimming trees, and planting flowers. However, you could also specialize in certain aspects, like sod installation or landscape architecture.

Freelance Photography

The state is filled with fascinating people, places, and things, making it an excellent place for freelance photographers. Some areas you can specialize in include:

This option can be challenging since you’ll have to begin most of it yourself, but once you get started, you’ll find it quite rewarding.

Not Sure Where to Start? Tips for Beginning Your Business

Texas is an easy place to do business in, but there are a few things you’ll want to remember.

Get Insurance

The state doesn’t require businesses to buy insurance, but it’s still worth having. Insurance will protect your business from lawsuits and provide your employees with monetary assistance should they get injured on the job.

Some Texas business insurance types you can purchase include:

Many insurance agencies let you apply online. With this, you’ll get an instant legal certificate. Then, contact an agent if you’re still unsure about insurance. They’ll listen to your concerns and guide you toward the right package.

Make a Business Plan

Another thing to do is create a strong business plan. This will help you organize your thoughts and determine the best way to move your business forward. Some aspects to include are:

Register Your Company

You’ll also need to register your business to run it legally. To begin, you pick a structure. Some to choose from include:

Once you determine the right one, head to your county clerk’s office to register. You might also need to apply for other licenses and permits depending on your industry.

If you’re considering starting a business in Texas, be sure to keep the information above in mind. You’ll find that it will help you get through this tricky but exciting time.

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