5 Ways To Brings Pops Of Color Into Your Home

Neutral colors have been all the rage in interior décor for the last few years, however it can get pretty dull after a while to have to live with a pale gray, cream or white room. If you’re keen to bring more color into your life but can’t afford a complete home makeover or you’re prevented from making cosmetic changes to your property because of the terms of your lease there’s no need to give up on your dream of vibrancy. Here are five temporary ways of brightening up your space that will make sure it looks and feels fantastic without being permanent.

1.Invest In Pillows And Rugs

If you have a predominantly white or cream room you can easily bring a pop of color into your space by investing in some bright pillows or a colourful rug. The brighter the better in this case. Whether you prefer a vibrant red, a luxurious purple or an exotic lime green, there’s no easier way to inject brightness into any room without having to resort to a tin of paint.

2.Put Up Some Artwork

Just because you can’t paint your walls doesn’t mean that you have to give up on paint completely. Art is a great way to bring more color and style into any room, so choose a statement piece such as a large abstract canvas and make it a focal point against a plain backdrop. Another option is to invest in decorative items that contrast with your neutral walls. Decorative bowls, candles or vases in a bright shade are incredibly affordable but can really enhance your space. Go for a coordinated theme with several decorative items in the same color scattered around your room to draw the eye. If you’re artistically gifted, you could even make a piece of your own to brighten your room on a budget. A poured acrylic canvas looks amazing and is surprisingly easy to make yourself as you can learn from this post.

3.Make A Gallery Wall

The gallery wall has really hit new heights of popularity of late, and it’s easy to see why. A really affordable and yet highly effective way to add a focal point to any room, a gallery wall can be as expensive or as cheap as you like. All you need are some favorite pictures or photos and some frames and you’re good to go. Choose frames that are all the same size or mix up the shapes and sizes for a greater contrast. You could either opt for different colors or lots of frames in the same bright shade for a coordinated look – be as creative as you like!

4.Adding Some Drapes

If your walls are neutral that doesn’t mean that your windows have to be too. In fact your drapes are the perfect way to highlight your space and bring some color into your room. Choose a dark, dramatic color for outstanding contrast or a bright, light color for a vibrant look. If you choose a thin fabric you can add even greater brightness to your room as the sunlight shines through the material.

5.Add Colorful Furniture

A neutral backdrop might be necessary, but that doesn’t mean that your furniture has to be plain too. Why not opt for bright and colorful sofas, chairs and stools. Pair lime green, bright red or a brilliant blue with white for a dramatic statement in any room. It’s really easy to get a few cheap colorful plastic chairs or bar stools for your kitchen or a colorful patterned throw to cover a plain sofa for a brand new look.

So, there you have it – five ways to bring a pop of color into your home. Try these top tips and you’ll enjoy a brighter, more vibrant room in no time!

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