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5 Ways How Cheap Double Glazed Widows Can Brighten Up Your Home

Windows are absolutely vital to make a house a home, adding beauty and perfection. Windows add charm and can be aesthetically designed to give the interiors a fresh and appealing look. However, installing and replacing windows if they do not turn out to be the right pick can be quite a hassle. Therefore, it is very important to buy the right kind of window to perfectly suit your house and at the same time brighten up its look.

What Are Double Glazed Windows?

Modern day aesthetics in architecture and interior décor has made cheap double glazed windows a very popular phenomenon which is being now installed by most people in their houses. These are plain panes of glass and acts as an insulator. They consist of two or three glass window panes that are separated by some gas filled space or a simple vacuum which prevents heat to transfer across.  These are also called insulating glass units and are made of glass varying in range of thickness from 3 to 10 millimeters. Laminated glass or tempered glass may also be used for the same purpose. Earlier, windows were known as double hung windows that used just one pane of glass to separate the interior of the house from the exterior.

Some of the ways in which the recently used double glazed windows are a far better solution are:

Weather Friendly

Previously with the double hung window system a lot of extra hassle was needed to keep the windows in sync with the weather condition. This needed seasonal changes to be made. For instance, during summer, a window screen had to be installed on the exterior to keep out insects and other external elements. During winter, a storm window needed to be placed instead of this screen. The storm window created a two-layer separation between the interior and exterior that is made for increased window insulation during the cold season. For ventilation, the storm window had to be hung from hinge loops that were removable. These storm windows or summer screens are usually heavier and requires a lot of time and labour to install them.  Modern day glazed windows are made of detachable glass in the last or bottom pane that can be replaced with a detachable screen as per convenience. Also, the insulating glaze forms a very compact zone of glass and air such that the need for storm windows is removed.


The main intent with which these double glazed widows are installed is for the purpose of insulation. These glazed windows provide better sealing between the upper panes and lower window panes. They also have weight balancing that is spring operated and hence removes the need for hanging large weights inside the wall next to windows. Thus, there is increased insulation around the window and air leakage is also reduced. This provides complete protection against the sun keeping the house cool during the heat of summer and warm during bitter winter cold.


These modern-day windows are convenient for the purpose of cleaning, handling, repairing etc. Firstly, being spring operated, the top of the pane is allowed to swing inside allowing easy cleaning of the window from inside the building. Moreover, the previous windows being made of wood or slits were quite inconvenient for opening or closing. They could get jammed and the repairs were more troublesome. The double glazed windows being of glass are a lot smoother and easier to open and close. They are transparent and allow sunlight to enter the house all throughout the day.

To conclude it can be said that the cost of installing these windows is absolutely affordable.  So, having double glazed windows works up all benefits to brightening and lighting up your house.

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