6 DIY Projects that Require a Drill Press

A drill press is a handy tool that is required for all your hole drilling needs. You may need to drill holes for your fencing needs. Most of the projects that we have at home can be achieved through the use a hand-held drill. However, for the complex projects or when one requires a perfect hole, they will need to use a drill press for this purpose.

Before you purchase a suitable drill press for your projects, read the drill press Expert reviews online. These reviews will help you to make an informed decision before you settle on a suitable drill press.

Here are 6 DIY projects that require you to use a drill press:

Rustic pot rack

This is one of the projects that you can accomplish at home with the use of a drill press. You need not stack your pots in a cabinet as they can be hung on a wall that is specially made through the drilling of holes on the wall. You can use nails or screws that are suitable for fixing the rack that will be used for hanging the pots. A drill press will be used to drill the holes on the rack.

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Make a small book stand

When you make a book stand, you are able to show off your books on a display. The book can be opened or even closed to a specific page. To make this stand, you need a drill press to drill the holes needed for the hinges that will allow the book to be opened or closed on the display.

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Making a clay pot hanger

This hanger is not made from clay but from wood that is designed for the purpose of hanging clay pots. It’s used for its aesthetic purposes. When you make this pot hanger at home, you are able to hang any size of terra cotta pots and use these for your beautification purposes. To drill the slots with large round holes, you need a drill press. The drill press is accurate and will drill uniform holes for each slot used for hanging the pots.

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Making Cornhole game

Cornnhole is a popular game that is played outdoors. This I another project that you can undertake to accomplish through the use of drill press. You can use the drill press to drill all the accurate holes that are needed to have this game board assembled. Find the woodworking plans online and download them. You will need the drill press for drilling the pilot holes where the hinge and bolts will be fixed.

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Making louvers

Louvers are very common in buildings and they serve as air flow facilitation tools on window shutters and closet doors. To make the louvers, a series of holes have to be drilled by the use of a drill press. The slots are drilled into the stiles. These are done along the door frame or the shutter edges. A drill press is suitable for these tasks and a chisel can be used to clean them up.

Loveseat Glider Rocker

This could be a complicated project but with some little woodwork skills, it is possible to accomplish it. Use a drill press and make all the necessary holes. You can make the parts separately and assemble them with the use of hinges and bolts and screws. The use of a drill press will be necessary as it can drill the various holes in different sizes as required.

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