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6 Best Family Holiday Destinations in Europe

Do you want to explore Europe with your family? Do you want a memorable tour to some of the best holiday destinations? One of the best family bonding experiences is city breaks. Apart from being a great stress option for the family, Europe is full of hotels, child-friendly restaurants, and other activities. Here are the top 6 best family holiday destinations in Europe.


As one of the most wonderful regions of Portugal and having golden beaches, and blue waters, Algarve is a place which you need to discover with your family. From watching dolphins to enjoying a full day jeep safaris tour, visiting this place is a very good way to treat your family.


With glorious parks and playgrounds in every neighborhood, London has plenty of things to entertain visitors, having a vast range of sporting venues and museums it’s an ideal place for the family. From the changing of the guard to the tower of London there is so much to see in London. The good thing is that most of its museums are free to enter, London has endless shops, historical sites and museums on offer. Apart from being the leading metropolitan city it also has diverse food and culture. Additionally, it’s a place where you can walk for many hours and still find new things to do with your family.


Stockholm is among the most visual arresting cities found in Scandinavia. Containing roughly 30,000 islands and situated in on an archipelago, it’s a very good family destination. The city also has a vast amount of cultural, architectural and natural gems which are just begging for exploration. From the pristinely preserved 13 century old town to the attraction packed Djurgarden Park Island the place is floating a visual retreat that has the power to leave you awestruck with its amazing landscape. Whenever you visit it you need to know that finding a city like this anywhere in Europe is a bit hard.


Just like many other cities, Dublin is the melting point when it comes to the family destination. In addition to its Irish culture, it has been impacted by several international influences. As the largest city in Ireland, it has a fast-growing human population that normally attracts people from all over the world. The kind of influence that these cultures have had in the city are also vibrant and diverse. It has also held to some of its classic characteristics such as folklore, fine literature customary music among others. As a traveler, you’ll also get a chance to experience both the contemporary and traditional feel of the city.


Forget about any trips that you made to Amsterdam as a child, there is far more in this city than the red lights districts and the coffee shops. As a matter of fact, it’s the ideal place if you have children. You can start your journey by touring with your children. Even if you are the fussiest eaters you will definitely be pleased by the Dutch food. If you have extra time you can squeeze in your trip and visit Efteling, one of the most favorite theme parks.


If you are looking for some of the best attractions for children then you need to visit Madrid. It’s not only the largest city in Spain but also has the largest population hence the Centre for international business. However, before jumping to any conclusion you need to explore the place more. If you love stunning architecture and famous paintings then this is the best place to visit. As compared to other places, its weather is good throughout the year. When the weather is right you’ll see hordes of travelers dining along the streets for hours on end. During the night, regardless of the day, the city becomes truly alive. Best of all, it’s a very safe place to stay in. The best way to move around is by Metro. It’s, therefore, one of the best destinations.

Visiting Europe is a life-changing experience that everyone would want to have a taste of. However, if you do not take your time to see what it has to offer, your trip may be worthless. Apart from the cities, there are landmarks that will make your trip unmemorable. If you are yearning to take your family out then just get your passports ready and visit one of these places.

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