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6 Home Improvement Ideas Using Artificial Grass

What exactly is artificial grass? It’s basically the 21st-century version of natural grass, grown in factories instead of on farms. You can use it in places where you would otherwise use regular grass, like your home or lawn, and reap all the benefits while avoiding the downsides of real grass. For more information on how to install artificial grass in your home or business, see our collection of 6 home improvement ideas using artificial grass below!

Artificial Grass Chattanooga Options

Artificial grass has been a popular option for those looking to install turf, as it can be installed year-round and doesn’t require much maintenance. Artificial grass Chattanooga is a safe option for many homeowners as it requires little water, lasts 10 times longer than natural grass, and comes in styles that mimic real grass to make it seem more realistic. If you’re looking to improve your home but want an eco-friendly solution, artificial turf might be the way to go. Whether you need fake grass in Newport or artificial grass in Chattanooga, there are professionals everywhere that can help you find the best services.

1) Patio

Artificial turf is easy to install in patios because it doesn’t need much maintenance and stays looking good year after year with little effort from you. In addition to these suggestions, you can also use fake turf or synthetic grass as a backdrop for your pool or hot tub. There are many pool area designs with synthetic grass foregrounds from which you can choose.

Photo by Four Brothers Design + Build

2) Children’s Play Area

If you’ve got kids, one of your biggest challenges is probably finding a place for them to play. The traditional backyard just isn’t big enough anymore, and most residential communities aren’t designed with kids in mind. Thankfully, artificial grass can help! Why not turn part of your yard into a children’s play area? It’ll help inspire creativity in your child and give him or her an outlet for all that excess energy!

Photo by SYNLawn

3) Sports Fields

Creating a sports field in your yard is an excellent way to use artificial grass. Not only does it require less maintenance, but you can also allow others access to your property without worrying about large amounts of soil and chemicals causing damage to your property and polluting water sources. With so many benefits, consider installing synthetic turf for residential sports today!

Photo by PlushGrass Custom Synthetic Turf

4) Stabilizing Slopes

Artificial grass is a beautiful substitute for real grass. The problem with natural turf, however, is that it often requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep due to heavy foot traffic and slope-climbing. One solution is to install artificial grass instead. Its durability means you can cut your landscaping budget by 20% or more! Use that money saved on landscaping materials to tackle other home improvement projects!

Photo by Westside Lawns, Inc.

5) Pet Areas

Artificial grass is perfect for pet areas. Fake grass is also easy to clean up after pets, has no odors, doesn’t require watering or mowing, and even discourages digging. For pet owners looking to improve their backyards for their furry friends but unwilling to give up that green lawn look, artificial grass is a perfect solution.

Photo by SYNLawn

6) Backyard Putting

Instead of using concrete for your putting green, you can use artificial grass to create a far more realistic experience. On that note, it’s also crucial to consider how often you plan on using your backyard to put green. If you play with friends and family members on a regular basis, it’s important to invest in a quality product—namely one that can withstand a bit of foot traffic. That said, if you simply want a nice addition to your backyard, synthetic turf may be overkill.

Photo via Houzz

Whether or not you choose synthetic or natural blades will come down to personal preference; both materials have advantages and disadvantages depending on how they’re installed. For example, synthetic lawns are extremely resilient; they can survive droughts as well as heavy rains without damage.


If you want to add value and beauty to your home, while adding extra space and creating a more eco-friendly environment, you may want to consider an artificial grass installation. There are numerous advantages and many types of products on the market that you can choose from to suit your needs and personal preferences. Adding artificial grass to your yard can save you time, water, and maintenance. The next time you’re considering some home improvements, think about adding synthetic turf. Check out some of these home improvement ideas!

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