6 Myths That Make People Say No To White Water Rafting

The White River rafting busts your stress through the exercise required in heavy paddling. But there are some myths associated with the White River Rafting that make people to say no to it. In this article, we will try to bust 6 most common myths that people associate with White River Rafting Coorg. Take a look.

Rafting Is Full Of Dangers

Some people tend to think that rafting trip is extreme and full of dangers and thus they should not go for it. When they see the photos and videos of extreme rafting antics that perpetuate their belief.

Rafting Is All About Sitting On A Raft

Moreover, some people have this belief that rafting is all about sitting on a raft. But it is not so there are many more activities associated with the rafting. In fact, you spend more time out of the raft than in it. From a photoshoot, jumping into a waterfall hole to the drinks break, you have hundreds of other things to do.

There Are Just Canned Foods

Some people have this belief that on the raft, there are just canned foods available for rafters. But this is just a myth and nothing else. You may very easily get fresh fruits, grilled meats and fresh salads and the dessert items.

There Is No Camping Part Of It

When we say river rafting on white waters, many rafters have got this belief that there is no camping part of it, but just rafting but the reality is there is an amazing camping part of the rafting. You can choose to spend your night in the open witnessing the milky up close under endless stars. You can enjoy mouthwatering meals. You can dine under golden sunsets and the rivers, rolling by at your feet. And before going to bed bath in a cool river. All this forms the camping part of the White river rafting on Coorg.

One needs to be a good swimmer

Some people have the desire to enjoy river rafting on white waters, but don’t have guts to go for it. The reason is their belief that one needs to be a good swimmer and then only he/she can opt for the White river rafting. But you don’t need to be a good swimmer for enjoying river rafting on white waters. For any out of boat experience, you will require a proper training of orchestrated floating than the swimming. And the orchestrated training will be provided to you by your rafting guide. Moreover, you will have to wear a Flotation Device.

One Needs To Be An Athlete

One more myth associated commonly with the White River Rafting is some people believe that one needs to be an athlete if he/she wants to enjoy the river rafting. Athletic people have definitely an advantage when it comes to river water rafting but that does not mean the clumsy people should not go for river water rafting on unmanageable fast moving white waters. Remember one only requirement of the river trip is being able to board and deboard a raft. So white river rafting as such doesn’t require the athleticism you just need to be aware of the surroundings. And yes confidence is the key to every successful rafting trip.

The White water rafting Coorg is one of the most adventurous ways in the world to explore the nature. The rafting can be done on both calm and wild unmanageable waters. The rafters, particularly beginners, encounter a number of difficulties while rafting. The rafting on white river water is not just an adventurous activity but a platform to bond with a team of people for thrilling experience and fun. It satiates your thirst for adventure by providing you with an adrenaline rush

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