6 Natural Colour Palettes from Iconic Landscapes Around the World

Sometimes a postcard or a photograph just can’t do justice to the magnificent landscapes that impress us on our travels. It’s not just the vast scale of open horizons or mountains reaching through the clouds, but also the sense of wonder we get from the first-hand experience of nature’s diversity, and being immersed in an environment that touches our senses.

Since our cave-dwelling ancestors first used natural pigments to bring the wider world inside, we have felt the need to express our relationship with nature in our living spaces. Decorative art and interior design has a long history of taking inspiration from the natural world in wallpapers, textiles, and artworks that incorporate the intricate patterns of flora and fauna.

Bringing nature into our living spaces doesn’t always have to be literal or figurative, of course. Many homeowners might prefer to conjure the atmosphere of natural scenery through the more abstract, sensory representation of a colour palette inspired by the tones of a particular environment, landscape, or view.

Especially for people who love to travel the world, this method allows you to create a space in your home that touches your fond memories of beautiful locations in a tasteful way. To show how you can give a nod to your travels in your home’s colour scheme, HomeAdvisor.com have visualised a living room in the palettes of six iconic areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA)

Carved by the Colorado River over millions of years, the mile-deep Grand Canyon is truly iconic, and rafting, hiking, and helicopter tours are very popular ways to take in the view. When it comes to the colour palette, the warm layers of sandstone, shale (or mudstone) and limestone rock are the primary reference. However, the contrasting shades of blue really bring the full scene together, and make this colour scheme pop.

Great Barrier Reef (Queensland, Australia)

The biggest single structure made by living organisms, the magnificent Barrier Reef can be seen from space. It suffers greatly from environmental problems such as ocean warming and pollution, and only ecologically sustainable operators should be used to explore this natural wonder. The deep marine greens and blues of this palette are off-set by the mustard and purple of the coral itself.

Yellowstone Caldera (Wyoming, USA)

Visitors to Yellowstone National Park might participate in a ranger-led activity to learn more about the formation of this spectacular supervolcano, which displays its true colours in aerial view. The warm yellows and earth tones are dramatically punctuated with the bright blue and green tones of this palette.

Mount Fuji (Honshu, Japan)

The resplendent Fuji-san is a beautiful sight to behold at any time of year, but particularly iconic during cherry blossom season, when the natural forest shades and delicate pink of the sakura flower compliment the soft blue of the sky and the snow-capped mountain white. This is a gentle and calming palette for any home.

Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada)

This colour scheme is inspired by the cool harmony of Banff in the wintertime, when skiing, sledding, and other snow sports take over from a summer of kayaking and hiking around this beautiful landscape. The majestic mountains and lakes are reflected in these sophisticated blues and greens.

Serengeti National Park (Northern Tanzania)

The spectacular ecosystem of the Serengeti is a dream location for nature lovers. Known for the annual migration of wildebeest and zebra, the grassy plains inspire a refined combination of deep greens, earth tones, yellows and blues that would bring a rich atmosphere to your home.

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