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6 Reasons Why New Zealand is Your Next Getaway Spot

New Zealand is a picture-perfect travel destination that is quite often overlooked. The country features pristine beaches, thrilling mountain ranges, and cities bursting with vibrancy. It is also a well-renowned adventure destination as it is home to activities such as bungee jumping and skydiving. Food and beer enthusiasts are also catered forgiven the country’s vast offering of the same. This article will give an insightful look at some of the reasons why New Zealand should be your top consideration for your next getaway.

Paradise Locations

New Zealand has numerous paradise-like locations for you to visit. One such location is Muriwai Beach on the west coast of New Zealand. This beach features swimming activities and conveniently as ample parking and restrooms. You may also take a walk along the beach and all the way up to the gannets. Milford Sound is also one of the country’s leading tourist attractions, given its mountain landscapes, rainforests, and waterfalls. You may also take a trip to the mermaid pool at Matapouri, which features clear waters accentuated by the reflection of a colorful sky. Another paradise location is Mount Cook, which has one of the highest peaks in the country.


New Zealand is generally associated with adventure. This country pioneered professional bungee jumping and reaching Mount Everest’s summit. The country spots one of the highest bungee jump locations and the best facilities worldwide. The most notable locations include Auckland and Queensland. Skydiving is a popular extreme sport in New Zealand which you can get to experience for less than 300 New Zealand dollars. Skydiving enthusiasts and thrill-seekers find this country to be their most enjoyable travel destination. You may also go on a river rafting adventure on the rapids of New Zealand. There are different rapid grades for you to enjoy based on how much you want to raise your adrenaline. Ideal locations include the 7m waterfall on the Rotarua River and the Tongariro River. New Zealand is also home to Skiing and caving adventures.


Kiwis are believed to be extremely friendly and hospitable, and this thought is reflected ell in the country. They are extremely receptive and open to showcasing their intriguing Maori culture. The cultural experience you get in this country is likely to be a memorable one and will definitely give you a story to tell for years to come. The Maori are an interesting tribe whose culture is extremely vibrant and intuitive. Their culture has gained reputability through the Maori Haka, which is their cultural ceremonial dance. This historical culture has remained relevant for thousands of years. Enthusiasts will get their fill from visiting this culture-rich country. Rotorua and the Bay of Islands are ideal locations to experience this culture.

Movie Enthusiasts

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? The Hobbiton is based in New Zealand’s Mighty Waikato region. Traveling to New Zealand will allow you to take a tour of the iconic Shire, which has all the Hobbit houses for you to tour. Many other movies have been shot in this region, making it an iconic movie destination. The Castle Cair Paravel, located in New Zealand’s Hereherataura Peninsula, was used to shoot the Chronicles of Narnia and has grown to become an ideal tourist destination. King Kong “Skull Island” was also shot in New Zealand’s Lyall Bay and Shelly Bay in the Miramar Peninsula. These locations have beautiful surfing and swimming spots for you to enjoy.

Food, wine, and beer

Travelers enjoy taking in the food and beverages of every location they visit. Food and beverages make for the ideal outing and travel experience. Arguably, New Zealand has some of the best food and beverages worldwide. Their meaty foods in particular, such as the NZ burger, stand out for their tasty nature. You may also get to enjoy the local Hangi, which is a meaty cuisine that is typically slow-cooked underground. Kiwis also specialize in preparing Crayfish, which despite being costly, is a worthwhile experience in itself. You should also get to try the hokey pokey ice-cream, which utilizes a caramelized honeycomb recipe.

Living nature

New Zealand is packed with rich wildlife and some of the world’s most interesting species. New Zealand used to be Gondwanaland, and the split allowed it to hold the best of both worlds, which is Antarctica and Australia. New Zealand has numerous native species that are restricted to this region and can only be seen by visiting this region. Some of the fauna species you should experience include the Nikau palm trees and the kauri trees. The Kiwi, their symbolic species, is also a native species that the whole country identifies with. A road trip through New Zealand will be an incredible adventure. This trip will expose you to scenic and versatile landscapes complemented by good roads through both cities and the wild. The living nature in this region makes it an ideal tourist destination. If you are looking at New Zealand holiday packages, then don’t forget to check out all of these cool features.

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