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6 Smart Home Products You Should Have Right Now

Technology has made modern homes so much fun to live in. You can control critical functionalities within the house from the comfort of your chair. No more getting up to open the garage door or turning off the light. Most of the things you need to do in your home can be accomplished with just a few clicks.

You will also never worry about leaving hot irons plugged into the socket. This is because smart plugs and cameras can be controlled even from remote locations. Of course, this also applies to your at-home security systems and alarms that you can monitor in real-time.

Research on American homes shows that upwards of 57.4 million households have intelligent devices. That signifies a 6.7% increase from 2021. The growth could be attributable to technological advancements. Furthermore, people are spending more time within the home. Thus, they like the convenience and flexibility of smart home products.

But with the abundance of smart products in the market, how will you know which one you need? Our article explores smart home products every home should have.

1. Smart Home Security Systems

Home security continues to be a concern for many people. But thanks to technology, some amazing innovations can keep you safe. A look at Vivint packages shows a whole range of smart home automation products. These include:

The main advantage of intelligent home security systems is remote accessibility. That means you have total control over your home security system no matter what part of the globe you are in. All you need is internet connectivity and a suitable device.

Signing up for the right smart home security systems provider is critical. They will typically offer 24/7 monitoring. So even if you did not receive the message, they would already have their teams on dispatch to your home.

Don’t fret, thinking that all the above are out of your price range. Thanks to technological advancements, intelligent home security systems are more affordable. With as little as $30 per month, you are covered.

Smart Cameras

One must-have home security system is a smart camera. As we said, you only need internet connectivity to access your smart camera. You get real-time images and recorded footage straight to your cloud storage or smartphone. If a burglar breaks in, the video recordings can prove invaluable during the investigation.

Smart Video Doorbells

Smart video doorbells are other excellent at-home security systems. You get to see who is on your porch without them knowing you’re watching them. You get real-time images straight from the doorbell to its app. That way, even though you are not home, you know exactly who came by.

Smart Smoke Detectors and Home Alarm Systems

Smoke detectors are vital, lifesaving systems. But with more traditional ones, you will only hear the notification if you’re in the vicinity. That means if you’re out of the home, it diminishes their value somewhat.

Well, think about investing in a smart smoke detector. It will send you an alarm in case of a fire. That way, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can still take the right action like calling the fire department.

2. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers offer tons of functionality due to voice assistant support. That makes it an ideal way to control every other smart home product you have. You can, from the living room, command the light bulbs to go on.

If you have the urge for a cup of coffee, all you need to do is speak the command. The same applies to setting the intelligent home alarm system, thermostat, or reminders.

And yes, smart speakers can be a lot of fun too. Play your favorite music, listen to your favorite audiobook or search Google without touching your smart device.

3. Smart Light Bulbs

There are so many advantages to having smart bulbs. Indeed they are a critical component of an in-home security system. You can set the smart light bulbs to come on and off at specific times. Now, you don’t have to be at the house to switch on the lights in the evening, neither do you have to deal with massive bills because you forgot to switch off the lights when you left.

There is also the aspect of security. If you have to be out of the home, it helps to make it look like there are people in the house. It is a wonderful deterrent for burglars who avoid breaking into occupied dwellings.

Research shows that 60% of home burglaries occur during the day, mostly during the workweek. The burglars know there is no one home at that time.

The automatic switching on and off of the lights will give the impression that you’re still at home. Furthermore, you can control which rooms have light, even from remote locations. It makes it feel like someone is moving from room to room.

4. Smart Locks

Smart locks come with the multiple advantages of security and flexibility. Indeed they are another excellent addition to your home security system. One benefit is the ability to open and lock your doors from wherever you are.

You don’t need to leave anyone with the keys, which can be a security risk. It is also easy to monitor who enters and leaves the premises.

5. Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat comes with tons of convenience. Like in all other smart devices, you have remote control capabilities. The more advanced technologies in intelligent thermostats will learn your habits. Without your intervention, they can then regulate the temperature the same way you do.

Smart thermostats can also pick up on ambient climate to regulate temperatures. When it is too cold, for instance, they adjust accordingly to bring the temperature back to normal. That way, you always come to a warm, welcoming home.

6. Smart TV

Of course, we had to throw in some entertainment in our list of smart home products. Forget about antennas or cables with a smart TV. You have everything you need, including a connection to the internet.

The same applies to many apps to add to your viewing pleasure. These include access to streaming services like prime video and Netflix. You can catch up with YouTube videos, browse social media or even play video games.

Final Thoughts

Smart home automation has transformed the way we live. It has brought so much convenience and flexibility. Remote access means peace of mind whenever you are. You can monitor the home, switch on or off appliances, and set the thermostat.

Intelligent home automation has also been a game-changer in home security systems. Remote monitoring, real-time imagery, and cloud storage of footage give peace of mind. It will be interesting to see what the smart home sector has in store going forward.

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