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6 Symptoms in Dog not to be Ignored if you are Dog-Lover

Many dog owners nowadays don’t offer the right care to their pets just to save money. But doing so may cost you a lot later. Ignoring medical care of your pet can be really dangerous for your pet. Just like us, our pets also need a regular visit to the veterinarian. If you are a die-hard dog lover, then you should not ignore the symptoms like vomiting, bleeding, bloating, unable to walk, etc. Is your pet facing these symptoms? If yes, then you should absolutely take your pet to the veterinarian as quickly as possible.

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Here are Some of the Symptoms in a Pet you should not Ignore:


It is quite common that your pet may vomit once after eating garbage. But if your pet vomits two to three times in a day or an hour, then it is a matter of concern. Don’t delay and take your pet to veterinarian as quickly as you can. There can be a plenty of reasons that your pet is vomiting again and again. Some of the causes can be unfortunately life-threatening as well. As soon as a pet is diagnosed, as soon as you can get the better treatment for your pet.

If your pet has not eaten for 48 hours:

Your pet’s appetite can only be disturbed if there is something wrong with the pet.You should start worrying if your pet is not taking food for 2 or more days. If you delay medical treatment, your pet can experience nutritional deficiencies that can be dangerous for your pet. So, if your pet is suffering from the lack of appetite, seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Persistent coughing:

An infrequent coughing can be a normal thing in your pets. But if your pet experiences a persistent coughing problem for more than a week or so, it can be serious issue because dogs never get asthma. So, persistent coughing can be a sign of pneumonia, tracheal collapse, bronchitis, or a heart problem. Therefore, get your pet diagnosed by veterinarian if the pet is constantly suffering from persistent coughing.

Trouble in urinating:

Whether your dog is not able to urinate or urinating frequently, both of the matters are serious and should be diagnosed as well. Your dog may face trouble in urinating because if the bladder obstructions or stones. If you find blood in the urine of your dog, then this could also be a sign of bladder stone. Visit veterinarian and get the medical treatment for your pet.

Red eyes:

If you find the redness in the whites of your pet’s eyes, it could be a serious issue. If the white part of your pet’s eyes turns red, then it could be a signal of severe disease. According to study by veterinarians, redness in the dog’s eyes can also lead to blindness. Make sure to get your dog’s eyes checked if you kind some kind of redness in pet’s eyes.


It is common if your dog is suffering from diarrhea. But if the problem of diarrhea persists for more than a day, then it becomes a matter of concern. Since dogs are smaller in size as compared to the human beings, therefore, pets tend to get dehydrated easily. No one wishes to clean the bedding or carpet, again and again, therefore it is better to consult the veterinarian as soon as you notice loose stools of your pet.

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