6 Things To Do As A Family in Singapore

Singapore is one of those travel destinations which satisfy the traveling desires of every age group. From exciting amusement parks for kids to religious Hindu and Buddhist temples for the senior citizens. This beautiful island nation never disappoints any tourist with residential options such as River Valley Singapore. Singapore is blessed with destinations which allure single tourists such as the as well as the ones who come to explore this place with family too! Moreover, there are a plenty of activities to do in Singapore with kids.

Changi Beach

Beaches are one of the first places that come to the mind while traveling with family and kids across the world. This Singaporean beach cum park is spread across 28 hectares between the Changi Ferry road and Changi Point. It is located along the north-eastern coasts of Singapore and is the preferred spots for hanging out with family and enjoying small picnics. Changi Beach becomes more lively at the weekends. Furthermore, this beach gives an old retro vibe that makes the experience even more jolly. A small family picnic at the Changi Beach can gift any tourist an experience worth remembering throughout his lifetime.

‘The City’

The city is the most child-friendly destinations in Singapore which give an all-round entertainment accompanied by knowledge to the kids between the age group of 2 – 8 years. The City serves as a fun package for the family as it creates interaction amongst kids and the parents. Children dive into some real-life scenarios which include trading and managing budget which gives them an awesome experience. Furthermore, it is an excellent place to celebrate birthdays for locals as well as tourists.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is the numero uno spot for enjoying a quality time with your family in Singapore. Located in Sentosa East, it is a complete package of fun and adventure, especially for kids. Many theme based rides such as the Mummy rollercoaster and 3D Transformers are eye candies for kids as well as adults. It is the place which can consume your entire day if explored completely and is worth every penny.

Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari is the trip to the world’s first nocturnal zoo. This international attraction displays fauna from different parts of the world including Americas, Africa and Europe and native animals such as the Sri Nandong, Neha, and Chawang. It is spread in 40 hectares and is aimed to portray and improve the conservation of species. Many travel gurus crown this amongst family-friendly destinations in Asia.

S.E.A. Aquarium

S.E.A. aquarium is the house for around a hundred thousand aquatic animals. It is the destination that is recommended to every tourist who visits Singapore. Individuals along with their kids can relish viewing mesmerizing aquatic animals and even dive with the fishes. Every visitor gets fascinated by the range of creatures including sea stars, eels, puffer fish and many more.

Art Science Museum Singapore

The Art Science Museum of Singapore has made its place in the list of most smart Museums around the world. It is located at the Bayfront and the ticket price fits around 30 Dollars for adults. This museum portrays exhibits and artifacts created with the help of the latest alluring technologies.

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