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7 Amazing Locations in a House to Install an Aquarium

Getting an aquarium can be a life-changing decision, seeing as how they reduce stress, lower blood pressure and slow down your heart rate by quite the margin. They also provide an incredible learning opportunity for your kids, don’t take too much space and fish are significantly cheaper than the majority of other pets. Now, in the previous sentence, we’ve mentioned that aquariums usually don’t take much space. However, this still doesn’t mean that finding the perfect location for them is easy. Here are seven places that you should consider.

The type of aquarium

Before we start picking all the best spots for the aquarium in your home, it’s essential that you figure out what kind of aquarium you actually want. Two most common types are definitely glass and acrylic and they differ in the majority of physical traits, ranging from weight and resilience, all the way to refraction of light and clarity.

While these physical properties are quite important, the visuals are what makes the majority of people opt for either glass or acrylic. The reason why the latter is far more popular as of lately is due to the fact that acrylic sheets are easier to mold into any desired shape. This leaves you with more choices of the aquarium itself.

Backsplash in kitchen

Previously, we’ve mentioned the likelihood that your aquarium will have positive consequences on your mental state. So, why not use this idea in your kitchen? Due to the fact that chores like washing dishes can be quite arduous and boring, by placing the aquarium in front of you while doing them, you can make the entire experience calming and oddly satisfying.

Photo by Juliette Byrne

Around the mantelpiece

The second possible location for your aquarium is around the mantelpiece. The reason why this is so incredibly unique and handy is due to the fact that it allows you to utilize the space that would, otherwise, be left unused.

Photo by Real Stone and Granite Corporation

Replacing the bar with the aquarium

Another option, similar to the previous one, is the idea of using your aquarium as a bar. This way, you get a unique nautical experience when spending time with your friends or just when relaxing in your own home. Keep in mind, though, that this would require a tad bigger aquarium in order to work.


Kitchen table aquarium

One of the most amazing ideas that you should consider is turning your aquarium into a kitchen table. What this gets you is (once again) a chance to creatively use the space that would otherwise be unusable. Sure, you won’t be able to enjoy this aquarium while sitting at the table (unless you opt for a glass tabletop) but this will still be a possibility from any other spot in the room.

Photo by Pascal Liguori & Son

Aquarium headboard

If you’re trying to add another relaxing feature to your bedroom, you cannot go wrong with an aquarium headboard. While this notion may not be as outlandish as some other entries on this list, it’s still quite unique and has a prospect of making both your home and your bedroom into something that’s one-of-a-kind.

Photo by OOMF! Interiors

Behind the tub

Thematically, it’s hard to find a place where your aquarium can fit more seamlessly than in your bathroom. The reason why this is so being due to the fact that this area is heavily dominated by the watery element. Placing your aquarium behind your tub is ingenious, due to the fact that it allows you to relax even further during your bathtub sessions.

Photo via Houzz

Built-in sink aquarium

Another great idea that you can exploit is getting a built-in sink aquarium, which provides you with an amazing bathroom experience. The inability to separate what happens outside and what takes place inside of the aquarium (after all, they’re separated with a thin piece of acrylic) is mind-boggling and exciting, at the same time.

Photo by tfayaz20

In conclusion

As you can see, this list is filled with possibilities that you’ve never even considered before but now probably make perfect sense. Other than saving you a tremendous amount of space, these methods also have a way of making your living space into something completely unique and outstanding. This way, your aquarium will become a focal point of the entire home.

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