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7 Best Adventure activities in Dubai

If are still looking for a long-gestating passion for adventure travel, then you do not need to go beyond Dubai. In recent times, the thirst for exploring and experiencing new adventures of such high caliber has gone up. We are probably living in the golden age of adventure. Dubai weather cools down between the months of October and April and it offers endless opportunities for tourists and guests to indulge in action on land, air, or in the sea. Now turn all your wild dreams into reality by indulging in adventure activities in Dubai.


There is no better way to experience the extraordinary landscape of Dubai. You will see it all together in a single frame – the world’s tallest building, the world’s largest dancing fountain, luxurious hotels, man-made islands. Gravity remains your only friend as you experience free fall. This is something worth experiencing. It is altogether a different feeling when the air is blowing against your face and you are seriously not in a position to change your stance from upside down. This is probably the best way to experience the modern state of the art infrastructural landmarks of Dubai.

Mountain Biking

Hardcore biking addicts would love the rough and harsh terrain in the Hajar Mountains. Come off the world which imagines Dubai as the land of sand dunes, while many have already experienced this harsh reality through this adrenaline pumping exercise. The course is not all that easy to tackle in the Showka area which incorporates narrow trails, animal paths, and wadi beds, but the experienced bikers would surely love this route as it offers them new challenges to encounter. You are bound to experience a lot of mountain goats, lizards, snakes, wild donkeys as you ride through your journey.

Desert Safari

What better way to experience the wildness in you. The 4×4 rough terrain vehicle ride surely gives you some priceless moments to cherish. Hold on tight to your partner as there are several ups and downs through the sand dunes. The silken trail which the vehicle leaves as it travels along is totally mesmerizing. You can get to see some wildlife during the course of your journey. Do get your camera along as you would get several click moments, especially the sunset, which is simply amazing. At the base camp, you are welcome by a group of belly dancers. Enjoy a camel ride or entice your taste buds with the delicious barbecue. Settle down in the base camp or head back to your hotel. This is definitely one of the best adventure activities in Dubai. Experience the best of the desert through the Dubai Desert Safari.

Sea Kayaking

The Arabian Peninsula offers some excellent kayaking opportunities along the long stretches of the wild coast and mangrove. The areas of wetland that seem incongruous with the prevailing desert climate are ideal for the sea kayaking areas. Explore the accessible mangroves in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Um Al Quwain. Check out the turtles and flamingos, you find a lot of them there. The local wildlife is attracted by the mangrove forest in the east coast. If lucky, you could end up seeing some of the endangered species such as the white-collared kingfishers and the Socotra cormorants. You can either head for gliding or indulge in other adventurous activities like camping on isolated islands.

Kitesurfing and wakeboarding

A major portion of the Dubai city’s coastline is privately owned. One of the beaches which are open to the public is in Umm Suqeim, which is home to many luxurious villas and the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel. A relatively quiet place to hang out compared to the bustling sounds in the city. Recently a lot of tourists and guests have made it an ideal spot for wakeboarders and kite surfers. These are definitely some of the adventure activities in Dubai which you should not miss. After all, there are not many places in the world, where a beach is dedicated to kite surfers and wakeboarders.

Reef and wreck diving

If you are an experienced water diver, then head to the wreck sites off the Dubai coast. Check out the color-changing cuttlefish. Red sea has often grabbed headlines for the Middle-East, but the emirates offer life-changing underwater experiences. Reefs are rarely found on the sandy beaches of Dubai, you will have to move to the wrecked sites a few miles offshore to experience it. The white sharks are frequent visitors at these wrecked sites. You should experience it at least once; feel the music flow in your ears as you set out to explore the underwater life. If you a water baby, then this is definitely one of the adventure activities in Dubai which you would love to indulge in.

Climbing and hiking

The Ras Al Khaimah offers the perfect practice ground for budding hikers and climbers. Climbing has become a famous pastime in the U.A.E. off late and Oman is surely heading close with the discovery of new routes and existing ones developed by several adventure operators. The gigantic limestone crags give you a different challenge altogether.

On the east coast, around Dibba, check deep-water soloing or cliff climbing above the sea. These are challenging hiking routes which would of great interest to non-climbers. The view from some of these mountains is just spectacular and cannot be described in words.

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