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7 Brilliant Tips for Finding Reliable Cleaner

Moving out can be a truly stressful experience for tenants – all the organising and packing, all the nerves and stress from the final inspection with the landlord, all the little time to take care of everything. Because – without a shadow of a doubt – nobody wants to forfeit their security deposit. One of the main reasons for deposit deductions is the condition of the rented accommodation, and specifically – the levels of cleanliness. A great majority of people resort to booking a professional end of tenancy cleaning service in order to be sure they will leave the property in a pristine condition. However, not all the cleaning agencies can fulfil the expectations of their clients.

Here are 7 ways to find a reliable end of tenancy cleaning company.

Do the Housekeepers Have a Thorough Checklist?

The end of tenancy cleaning is a service a lot more thorough than the regular cleaning; it is a service focused on bringing rental accommodations in a spotless condition when tenants move out. Many cleaning companies claim that they provide this but fail to meet the requirements and to deliver the expected outcome. It is the reason why we advise you to check if the company offers a thorough checklist of the procedures. Usually, reliable companies would provide you with a very detailed end of tenancy cleaning checklist, describing all the areas and items of the unit that are not that obvious. The more things are listed in the checklist, the more certain you will receive your deposit and impress your landlord.

Do the Housekeepers Offer Guarantee for the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Getting a guarantee for the end of tenancy cleaning service from the housekeepers is of great importance so you can be certain you will obtain your deposit back. True experts are not afraid to offer some kind of compensation or free re-cleaning of the unit if the client is not satisfied with the outcome. Professional housekeepers should provide at least a 24-hour guarantee for their end of tenancy cleaning service. Customers can benefit from this timeframe and pass the final inspection from the landlord before the unit starts getting dirty and dusty.

How does the Company Charge?

The quality of the cleaning is important when you decide to book a professional agency. Professional end of tenancy cleaners like offer service prices based on the size of the unit or the contents. They do not charge based on time spent cleaning. The outcome of the cleaning must help the client to pass the final inspection with the landlord, so the housekeepers are expected to leave the unit in a spotless condition. Booking a professional end of tenancy cleaning service for a certain amount of time cannot provide the guarantee that all the areas and items in your rental accommodation will be deep cleaned.

Does the Price Include the Cleaning Equipment?

When looking for a reliable cleaning agency for your move-out cleaning, do not forget to ask if the cleaning tools and supplies are included in the total sum of the service. The housekeepers must bring all the necessary products to do the job. You should not pay anything extra for equipment essential for the job. You also need to make sure if any taxes such as VAT are included in the price. Most companies can provide an estimate ahead of booking so that you do not have to pay more than the pre-arranged price.

Check if the Agency Offers Insurance

Always opt for companies that provide insurance. Reliable end of tenancy cleaning companies hire only fully insured specialists with clean record. It makes sense – after all, you will be letting those people in your unit for hours without supervision. A trustworthy company provides insurance in case anything gets broken or damaged during the cleaning session. This also helps them protect their reputation.

Read Reviews

It is of great importance to check what the company says about themselves and what customers say. Even though there are a lot of fake reviews on the internet, you can still find out whether the company is giving false information about the service they provide.

Check What the End of Tenancy Cleaning Includes

A lot of people get excited when they see a low price for the end of lease cleaning. Understandable, you do not want to spend a fortune to clean a property you are vacating. However, you will have hard time ahead. Low price usually means that the service will not cover all the items and areas you need. Also, if your landlord requires professional carpet cleaning, you need to make sure you add it.

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