7 Contemporary Rug Design Trends for 2018

Rugs have really made a big comeback in the last few years. After what felt like a prolonged period of soulless rooms without any kind of floor covering apart from wood and the like, this is a major (and positive) change. However, for those who are unfamiliar with rugs, there are some important trends that you would do well to spot for 2018.

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If you intend on getting into the wonderful world of rugs, then you should absolutely look to use the following trends as inspiration and ideas for what 2018 might offer:

  • Contrasts look like they are back in a big way. Lots of designers appear to be going for that slick contrast between light and dark, using the rug to help portray a total difference and style from the rug design. It’s a magnificent place for you to start with if you like rugs that stand out from the room.
  • Rugs are back in a big way, but none moreso than geometrically styled rugs. Rugs with smart shapes all across them have begun to rear their head in the most wonderful manner, and it’s going to create an armada of cool rug designs that offer a more abstract, swanky look to the room.

  • Another cool design style we are seeing coming into play is planetary based. Flat Earthers, look away now! We are seeing lots of globe-shaped (and globe inspired) designed as well as other stuff like moon-shaped rugs for kids.
  • Patterned rugs appear to be making a big comeback, with abstract repeat patterns in small sizes more commonplace than grandiose statements. From animal paw prints to logos of popular TV characters, these kind of rugs have become very popular with good reason, creating a very interesting range of personalized rug designs.
  • At the same time, while some people are using rugs as a focal point, a 2018 trend may just well be going back to more minimalistic and understated rugs. Rugs that join in with the rest of the room with a touch of abstract design appear to be striking the right chords with fashionable types and designers.

  • In terms of rug fabrics, it would appear that wool rugs are in this year in a big way. Many are using the Portuguese “beiriz” technique to make tremendous rugs which are quite crisp and clean, with a very clear point and detail that makes them stand out from the rugs most have been using for some time. Simplistic but still easy on the eye.
  • As ever, there’s a touch of cultural borrowing going on, too. African designs are huge at the moment, with many rug designs appearing inspired from the likes of Ethiopia. It’s helping to create a range of rugs which are very different indeed from the norm.
  • When shopping for modern area rugs designs, one style that has been exploding in popularity and is really worth considering is southwestern area rugs. Southwestern area rug designs are unique and are a really quick and easy way to improve your home’s style.

With this, you should hopefully find it a bit easier to spot some of the building trends across the world of rugs. While 2018 looks set to be a rather chaotic year, it looks like people are more appreciative of the power of tranquility in their rugs!

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