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7 Countries To Travel On a Student Budget

Students are active and curious. During your ”best years” you want to discover the world fully, meet people, visit different places and create memories, and thus, traveling should become an irreplaceable part of your lifestyle as it is the best way to get the most out of your youth!

Unfortunately, all of the expenses like flights and other transfers, accommodations, food, and other are usually far beyond the students’ budgets, and that is why there is a belief that traveling can’t be affordable. In fact, it is not true! The modern world is full of exciting and cheap traveling opportunities open for everyone!

In this article, you will find a list of the best places for college students to travel that don’t require enormous budgets, but at the same time are not worse than some of the world’s most popular touristic places!

What Are The Top 7 Places For College Students To Travel?


The way to Indonesia is quite long, but yet no one had regretted about making it because it can give you the most unforgettable experience and leave memories that you will cherish until the end of your days! What is so special about it? This country astonishes with its virgin nature, deep jungles, volcanoes, fantastic resorts and beautiful temples, which make it one of the best cheap places to travel for college students! The approximate budget per day starts from $20 (or $25 if you are visiting Bali).


This country, based at the crossroad of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, is always friendly and open for tourists from all over the world and this place will definitely not leave you bored! Here, you can enjoy a unique mix of beautiful nature, rich culture, and hospitable people, while the average budget for one day is only $45!


Those who visit Cuba once, often come back here to feel the unique atmosphere of this place again! Tons of retro cars, bright and incendiary dances, great beaches and delicious rum – all of these are synonyms of the word Cuba, and since a day spent here will cost you only $45, you should give it a try!


Talking about where to spend cheap vacations for college students, I couldn’t avoid mentioning Thailand! It is a remote road, but it’s worth it! Sunny and friendly all year round, Thailand attracts more and more tourists with the warm waters of the Andaman Sea, magical festivals and exotic cuisine. One day spent in this paradise will cost only $40, which is absolutely worth it!


All articles, books, and blogs about cheap trips for college students always mention India in their ratings of cheap countries, and this is not without reason because spending a vacation here will be not only affordable (only about $20 for a day) but also fun and exciting!

Sri Lanka

If you have a chance to spend two weeks in Ceylon, you will learn all about the right tea, get a beautiful tan at one of the fabulous resorts, meet the giant turtles, will have a chance to see an elephant, and will enjoy the nature and contrast of this country. Over the last ten years, Sri Lanka became one of the most favorite vacation destinations for many people, but despite its high popularity, the prices here are still as low as $30 per day!


Ride an old yellow tram in Lisbon, admire the palaces of Sintra, lose your head in Porto, and visit the edge of the world at Cape Roca – I could continue the list of the possibilities, given us by this amazing country, for a long time! And the best part about a vacation in Portugal is that it is also inexpensive and you will just need a daily budget of about $47 to discover its beauty and learn its culture!

How To Combine Studies And Traveling?

Many countries raise the prices for accommodations, food, and entertainment in the summer due to the high season. This fact convinces students to set aside their traveling plans or even refuse from them at all, but you should not give up on your ideas and simply reschedule your trip. In the majority of countries, the high season ends in the autumn. Thus, you can go on a trip, for example, in September, save a significant sum of money and enjoy your vacation while it is not too cold yet.

Here arises another question – how to combine your studies with traveling. Of course, it won’t hurt much if you miss a few days at school, but if your trip is longer than that, you should look for alternative ways to get your assignments done without time consumption.

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