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7 Exclusive Gardens from Japan

Japanese gardens are traditional gardens in which is created the idealised landscapes. Those gardens are noble. They are so beautiful stylised for recreation and peace. There are gardens with buddhist temples that are created for contemplation and meditation.

Japanese gardens were developed by the influence of chinese gardens. After that they were improved with the japanese aesthetics and materials. Because of the beauty, in the 19 century, those gardens were accepted by the western civilisation. Today there can be found japanese gardens almost in every bigger city in US or in Europe.

Japanese gardens are decorated with old and big trees and beautiful and colorful flowers. Very often there are ponds and rivers. The bridges over the small ponds are a sign of perfection. In all ponds there are fishes, the colored craps or goldfish. Whenever you walk there, you can always try the original and native japanese teas. Those would fit perfect with the view of the majestic landscape.

As the spring is here, now is perfect time to visit a local japanese garden and feel the peace inside. Here you can see some gardens that are in Japan, but those around the world are no less beautiful too.

Inside the Gion Kobu Kaburenjo garden, Kyoto

Image by CLF via Flickr 

Hama Rikyu Gardens, Tokyo, Japan

Image by Scott via Flickr

Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Image by OZinOH via Flickr

Arashiyama Garden at Tenryuji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Image by Natt Muangsiri via Flickr

Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa, Japan

Image by Austronesian Expeditions via Flickr

Imperial Palace / Gardens, Tokyo, Japan

Image by Maya-Anaïs Yataghène via Flickr

Tokyo, Japan

Image by Mega Udonitron via Flickr

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