7 Extravagant Bedrooms That Only a True Queen Can Sleep In

What is style? The dictionary defines it as something done in a particular manner or way. But that doesn’t capture this elusive idea. So here’s another definition: “style is a distinctive appearance, determined by the principles according to which something is designed” That’s a bit better. But it still sounds flat, and maybe even a little boring…and that’s the exact opposite of true style.

So if the academics can’t describe style, maybe we should ask the people who live it every day? US fashion designer Rachel Zoe thinks “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” And Diane von Furstenberg, creator of the famous wrap dress, believed style is all about confidence. In other words, authentic style is about showing yourself off to the world and making no apologies for it. True style is a celebration of the self.

And nobody does this better than the stars of Rupaul’s Drag Race, the Emmy-award reality show that raises up America’s next drag queens.

The outrageous show has spanned 13 seasons, spawned multiple spin-offs, and turned queens like Violet Chachki, Sharon Needles, and Trixie Mattel into the superstars they were born to be.

But are these queens still super-stylish when they get home and take off the wig and make-up? We wouldn’t bet against it. And neither would Household Quotes. And that’s why it recently came up with some extravagant bedroom designs based on the unique styling of Drag Race’s biggest stars.

For season four winner Sharon Needles, Household Quotes imagined a gothic/punk aesthetic with spider’s web chandelier and a luxurious pink satin sheeted bed fit for a true queen.

Trixie Mattel’s bedroom encapsulates everything fabulous about drag. It’s fun, creative, and contains a generous dash of retro barbie-doll style. And it’s got everything a queen needs to always look her best, including a full-length wavy vanity mirror surrounded with candy pink and sunshine yellow lighting.

Season 8 runner-up Kim Chi is famous for her modern takes on the classic 1950s Hollywood pin-up look. Her private boudoir reflects this understated elegance with clear lines, minimalist furnishings, and soft lighting. A starburst chandelier and indulgent-looking patterned rug provide the perfect finishing touches.

Corset queen Violet Chaki takes the glam-vamp look to an entirely new level. Just imagine Dita Von Teese turning herself up to 11! Chaki’s private chamber has all the elegance of a 19th-century aristocratic manor combined with the dark appeal of Dracula’s castle. As inviting as it is intimidating, this is a room where anything could (and probably will) happen.

Creating a bedroom design for a self-described ‘authentic weirdo’ like season 11 winner Yvie Oddly was always going to be a challenge. As a drag queen, rapper, and fashion designer, Yvie defies all expectations and characterizations. So her room would have to be an assortment of classic and contemporary fixtures, including high Georgian window frames, exposed brickwork, psychedelic curtains, and a ‘melting’ chandelier that looks like it belongs in a modern art museum.

Here’s a closer look at all the bedrooms designed for these inspiring queens.

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