7 Incredible Cityscapes of Great Cities

A cityscape is the urban equivalent of a landscape. The cities could show us the same beauty as the landscapes. The different buildings, their colors, parks and rivers, they are all parts of an incredible picture. Some cityscapes may be reacher with colorful buildings. Others can be decorated with lights. Especially in the night cityscapes, the building lights, the cars and all those street blobs will create an incredible effect.

In this article you can find some incredible cityscape photos from great cities. There is Hong Kong, London, Chicago etc. They are all different but all equally beautiful.

If you ever have a chance to go somewhere high in a great city, or if u get an angle of great view, never hesitate to take a photo of that perfect view of the cityscape. It is a treasure when you watch the photos that are taken in some very special moment. When the un effect is incredible, and the scene is unique.

Hong Kong

Image by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr

Downtown Cityscape San Francisco

Image by Bert Kaufmann via Flickr

Chicago Cityscape, Illinois

Image by Bert Kaufmann via Flickr

Boston Skyline

Image by Bert Kaufmann via Flickr

Tampa Skyline from Curtis Hixon Park, Tampa, Florida

Image by Matthew Paulson via Flickr

Celebrity Cruise Ship and Miami Skyline

Image by Matthew Paulson via Flickr

London Night Skyline

Image by barnyz via Flickr

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