7 Magnificent Pics of Vienna

Vienna, Austria, well known as the birthplace of the Viennese Waltz and the Vienna Boys Choir, but also steeped in history as it played a pinnacle host to some of the World’s most talented and illustrious composers ever to grace this planet. It is easy to forget, in the shadow of the city’s great history, that Vienna is also one of the top metropolitan areas in all of Europe. This formally regal grande dame has given way to a dynamic and modern city space, and to see the original old city, snuggle up in between its modern counterpart, is just one of the attractions.

As far back as the 12th Century, Churches have been a significant presence in the area, one of them that’s on top of any visitors list is the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. This magnificent Cathedral was where Mozart married his wife, Constanze Weber, on the 4 August, 1782. Also the Spanish Riding School, a seriously impressive display of control, patience and discipline, the High School Arts of Rising make the disciplines of show jumping and dressage look like child’s play, as riders take perfection up a notch in these unbelievable performances on the famous Lipizzaner Stallions. For those with good taste in restaurants, a walk to the end of the Graben, will bring you to the epicurean delights of Julius Meinl am Graben. It’s earned a fine reputation for his excellent selection of imported tea, coffee and gourmet feasts that will overwhelm the senses.

Catedral de Vienna

Image By Pablo Saludes Rodil Via Flickr

City Hall

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Image By Pedro Szekely Via Flickr

Meinl’s is one of Vienna’s finest restaurants, and is centrally located, that you will literally not be able to miss it. For the fans of Classical music located just behind the Stephansdom, a short walk will bring you to the seven roomed house that used to be Mozart’s home. A very interesting tour through the home will show you the rooms where the great composer wrote The Marriage of Figaro.

Museo de Historia

Image By Pedro J Pacheco Via Flickr

Opera at Night

Image By Roberto Via Flickr

One of greatest attractions for children and adults of all ages, the Vienna Zoo, will enthrall you, and totally diminish any boring thoughts of what a zoo may be like. Pristine, organized and the exhibits are massive. Wolves, hippos, giraffes, lions, monkeys, they are all there. You need to take an entire day to see everything, especially if you have small kids with you. Plenty of sidewalk cafes full of refreshments along the way. Austria is a country located in central Europe. The population is 8.5 million of people and total area is 32.377 squares miles. Its one of the most beautiful country in Europe. The capital city of Austria is Vienna, with a population of about 1.757 million of people. Also Vienna is a major economic, cultural, political and industrial center. After you will see this 7 awesome photos of beautiful Vienna, maybe you will find your next perfect destination in Europe.

Red Terrace

Image By J. A. Alcaide Via Flickr

View of Vienna

Image By J. A. Alcaide  Via Flickr

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