7 Naples And Sorrento Destinations For A Memorable Car Trip!

Find out how to plan your route through Italy!

Visit a country which is considered to have more masterworks per square kilometer than any other place in the world!
Hurry up to explore ‘Bel Paese’! Do you know what is it? It means “beautiful country” or as we all get used to name it – Italy.
Maybe you want to see active volcanoes like Vesuvius near Naples or maybe Etna? Why not! Start your engine and let’s take a path of adventures!

What Attractions To Visit In Naples?

Let’s drive to the former capital of kingdom including southern regions of the peninsula and the island of Sicily. Naples is famous for the Old Spacca Quarter with many historical sites and beautiful Santa Lucia seaside. Find out more interesting facts and check all amusements of the city!

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Let’s visit one of the oldest Aquariums in the world – Anton Dohrn Aquarium!

Are you ready to explore the life of marine inhabitants?
The aquarium was opened in 1874 by prominent zoologist and was one of the first on our planet!
It consists of two buildings which are connected by a bridge. You can see 30 tanks with 200 various sea animals and different plants.
And this adventure costs only 1,5 Euro!
Location: Via Caracciolo 1, Villa Communale, 80121 Naples,
Distance from the Naples Airport Capodichino: 14.1 km

By TatsuoTabei (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Piazza San Domenico Maggiore is the most visited place in the city!

Visit one of the most popular squares in Naples – Piazza San Domenico Maggiore.
The polygonal apse, stairs of the church, the sixteenth-century Palazzo Corigliano and palace Sangro Casacalenda Petrucci are the main attractions here.
San Domenico Maggiore church was constructed at the end of the 14th century. It has baroque and gothic decorations with various splendid frescos of Caravaggio and other artists.
Except amazing architecture you can come across many shops and exquisite restaurants.
Location: Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, 1, Naples
Distance from the previous point: 3.9 km

Image by Dario Trimarchi via Flickr

Watch the water falling into ancient Fontana dell’Immacolatella o del Gigante!

Can you guess when this fountain was created?
Let us tell you this secret. Michelangelo Naccherino and Pietro Bernini created a beautiful fountain for the Royal Palace of Naples at the beginning of the 17th century.
As it was constructed near a huge statue, it got such a name.
Three round arches with symbols honoring the king and city are placed with the fountain. There are 2 statues of gods which pour water near the sea creatures.
Do not miss the bright example of the ancient fountain!
Location: via Partenope, Naples, Italy
Distance from the previous point: 3.6 km

Image by giogog via Flickr

Centro Direzionale consists of 100m buildings!

Are you ready to find out how the business city center looks like?
The center consists of 18 large buildings up to 100m height!
You can have a walk through a pedestrian zone, visit restaurants, hotels and different shops. Have a look at a few fountains, and a nice church.
Visit the Telecom Italia Tower which is considered to be the highest building of the southern part of the country.
You can spend here a whole day and will not get bored!
Location: Quartiere di Poggioreale, Naples, Italy
Distance from the previous point: 6.8 km

Image by Francesco via Flickr

What Attractions To Visit In Sorrento?

Visit the best beaches in Sorrento and enjoy the hot sun and marvelous architecture. Explore the city and get fun! Maybe you will recognize some places from the popular film – “Love Is All You Need” (2012) as it was filmed in Sorrento and won many awards.

Image by Andy Beal via Flickr

Chiostro di San Francesco houses the remnants of pagan buildings!

Explore the monastery which belongs to one of the oldest constructions in Sorrento!
You can even find remnants of pagan temples and other ancient settlements.
Beautiful arches and octagonal columns of the 14th century will capture your eye. The architecture still attracts people from all around.
Some musical concerts and weddings take place in the building.
The place is considered to be mysterious. If you want to find out why, come here!
Location: Piazza Gargiulo, 8, Sorrento Napoli, 80067 Sorrento, Italy
Distance from the previous point: 48.6 km

Image by Pikakoko via Flickr

Borgo marinaro di Marina Grande is a village of entertainment

Enjoy the village by strolling through picturesque paths and many streets.
The biggest holiday which is celebrated on the 26th of July is St. Anne. The fest is usually held with fair, marina is filled with boats and is brightly colored.
Dance or listen to live music, get fun and enjoy the atmosphere.
Also you can find some great restaurants, or relax at the beach.
Why not to ride on a boat!
Location: Via Marina Grande 1, Sorrento, Italy
Distance from the previous point: 0.7 km

Image by Mark Peters via Flickr

Have you ever had supper just being on the sea? Stabilimento Balneare Bagni Salvatore is that extraordinary place!

Go to the beach located just near the Agrippa Posthumous villa; rent sun beds, umbrellas, boats, canoes or cabins.
It was founded by Salvatore Esposito in the 1930. Now it is modernized and is a nice place for relaxing.
The highlight is Bagni Salvatore restaurant. The beach-side terrace is amazing. Taste marvelous menu just being on the sea!
Also the bar offers a wide selection of sweet wines for any taste.
Location: Spiaggia San Francesco, 80067 Sorrento
Distance from the previous point: 0.2 km

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How to get a car for my trip through Italy?

Without any doubts the most convenient way is to have your own vehicle and do not waste your time and pay extra for additional services.
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Waiting for you in Italy!

Milan, Italy

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