7 Incredible Things about Malta to Immediately Fill You with Wanderlust

From prehistoric temples, to hidden cloves and enthralling scuba diving experience to the fascinating Mediterranean landscape, Malta is much beyond a small island nation. For adventurous travelers who love to explore even some of the most common geographical landscapes in a different and more interesting way, Malta is home to them. If you are planning to visit this European country for an enjoyable weekend ahead, then here are some fun facts and interesting trivia you should know about the place before arriving. It would simply trigger your sense of adventure and excitement to a whole new level.

Historical Insights and Trivia

Do you know that the name “Malta” has apparently been derived from a Greek word which means honey? No wonder that the island is filled with some of the rarest species of bees, making the place quite renowned among its visitors from all over the world. Malta used to be known as the “Nurse of the Mediterranean” during the time of World War I.

Numerous soldiers during that time of crisis and mayhem took shelter on the island. Remember your history classes on the 1798 French Revolutionary Wars? The famous Napoleon Bonaparte once captured Malta while he was on his way to Egypt. It was almost for more than 150 years Malta was a part of the British colonization. And it was for good seventy two years, the place was ruled by the Holy Roman Empire. Even the Arabians conquered and ruled over the place for about 200 years.

The Maltese People – Up Close and Personal

Malta, in today’s date, mostly comprises the Latin European Culture. 8th September is the “Victory Day” for the people of Malta. On this day, The Ottoman Siege was lifted during the year 1565. It was also on this date during the World War II, the Italian navy finally surrendered to the British. In addition to all these, this very date marks their Lady’s Birth as well. It could be an interesting experience for you to explore the celebration of the people on this day, if your trip dates coincide or in case you consider planning a trip that covers 8th of September in your journey.

Out of 200 islands in the country, visitors have mostly explored only 10% of the entire count, suggests www.thefactfile.org. So how about exploring the rest of the lot?

One for The Food Lovers

If we are to talk about the traditional foods of Malta, delicacies like Bragioli (beef leaves), widow’s soup, Kapunata (the country’s own take on ratatouille), Rabbit stew and fish pie or the Lampuki Pie are some of the most recommended ones, suggests a post published on www.visitmalta.com. During your stay, plan a trip to the famous Marsaxlokk Fish Market, preferably on Sundays. It would allow you to explore a wide variety of fishes. You can even try out some mouth-watering fish soups like the famous Aljotta. If you manage to visit the place during peak seasons, with regards to the availability of fishes, then you can explore some interesting varieties such as stonefish (dott), white bream (sargu), red mullet (trill), dolphin fish (lampuka, dentext (dentici) and a lot more.

And how about trying out some fried pastries filled with ricotta? This delicacy in Malta is known as kannoli. If you are visiting the place anytime soon, then make sure to add this to your bucket list, if you’re a dessert lover by heart. The Helwa tat-Tork is also a must-try delicacy when it comes to desserts in Malta. Also to be mentioned, Malta is home to a wide variety of grapes grown on the islands of the nation. The variations include different types of grapes like the Chenin Bianc, Moscatto, Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah and lot more.

Trivia for the Movie Buffs

Do you know some of the cult Hollywood movies like “Gladiator”, “Captain Philips”, “Troy”, and “Sons of the Sea” were shot in Malta? Even one of the most famous TV series in today’s date “Game of Thrones” has been shot in Malta. The mesmerizing landscape and unique geographical features make this place one of the favorites among various directors and production houses. An entire village was built in Malta for the musical “Popeye” in the year 1979. And today, the place is pretty well-known among tourists. This particular area offers lots of attractions for the people visiting Malta.

From water trampolines to sun-bathing decks, the Santa’s toy town to beach lido, and boat rides to mini golf; this village is one of the favorite places among the visitors of Malta. There’s also a winery that offers its visitors to taste wines for free.

Some Surprising Facts for the Animal Lovers

Malta is home to some of the rarest and unique species. The Maltese Wall Lizard or the Filfola Lizard can be found on the islands of this nation. These lizards are mostly found in habitats like fungus rocks and on the Filfla Island. One can catch glimpses of the famous Maltese goat breed as well. As mentioned in www.lovinmalta.com the pre-war Malta has seen around 70,000 of this goat breed, which sadly has come down to only 350 of them.

This place is also home to one of the most endangered species of honeybees, the Maltese honeybee. A unique subspecies, namely the Sicilian Shrew is found here in Gozo. One can even encounter Rubini or the Ruby Tiger Moth on the Islands of this country. The Maltese water is home to freshwater crabs as well, locally known as il-Qabru.

Bucket List Alert for the Adventure Sports Lovers

For the adventure sports lover, Malta is undoubtedly a paradise that they would certainly like to visit with great pleasure and enthusiasm. From flying planes to quad biking, you’re surely going to have a great time in Malta. There’s a company called “Sky People”. It offers the users to take charge of aircrafts and experience the Maltese islands in ways that are totally unconventional and exciting in so many ways. There is a Premium trail flight that takes around 1.5 hours to complete the journey.

Visit Gozo, and enjoy quad biking with friends. You can plan a village-to-village trip and explore Gozo like never before. You can also rent a Jet Ski and rule the Maltese water like a king. There are so many unexplored beaches and intriguing geographical features that can be visited and explored. Go for it! If you are looking forward to enjoying some Go-Karting actions in Malta, then Ta Qali is the place you need to visit for that. You can find the ring open from 5 pm to 7 pm during the weekdays and from 1 pm to 6 pm during the weekends, suggests malta.intercontinental.com.

This Goes Out to the Party-Animals

Love partying? Malta might just prove to be the right place for you. The Malta International Fireworks Festival occurs during the month of late April, every year. The nation celebrates its collaboration with the European Union during this time of the year.

If you’re planning to visit the country in the month of June then make sure you are attending the Isle of MTV; it’s a free-for-all open air concert you can’t afford to miss out. The beginning of May marks yet another musical concert for the party lovers. It’s called “Lost and Found”. This year EDM artist Diplo and other musicians like Jamie XX, J HUS and Four TET, Annie Mac and numerous others made their presence felt among the party crowd.

So, what’s your plan? How do you feel now? Grab your backpack, catch the earliest flight and visit Malta with your beloveds for a journey and an experience that shall stay with you as a memory worth cherishing forever.

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