Colors are Awesome: 7 Tips on How to Enliven Your Outdoor Space with Colors

Does your outdoor area look dull? Does it make you and your guest feel uncomfortable hanging out in it? Then, it’s time that you bring it to life by adding pops of colors in your outdoor area!

Outdoor spaces should be a haven for you to unwind and relax on weekends or after you arrive home from work. As they say, an outdoor area is the new living room. It’s now the place where you spend your family bondings and social gatherings. For sure, it’s a mistake just to leave it plain and dull.

Adding colors to your outdoor space is not that expensive or backbreaking. Outdoor stuff such as pots, outdoor rugs, furniture, and plants can provide it with colors to make it look appealing. If this sounds interesting, here are some ideas to give colors to your outdoor space.

Furnish Your Outdoor Space with Colorful Furniture

Nowadays, you can find colorful outdoor furniture pieces on the market that you can display in your outdoor area. Tables, chairs, shades can become attractive pieces if you choose ones that have vivid colors. Just imagine them in your outdoor space while you’re having your morning or afternoon relaxation!

Photo by Johnson Design Inc.

Liven It Up with Outdoor Decors

Decorations can do a great job of transforming a simple area into something interesting. Perhaps you can put on display hanging baskets with striking colors. Tabletop lanterns and colorful crates that you can use as seats are also ideal to provide charm to this so-called new living room.

Photo by Liz Stewart

Put on the Outdoor Rug

Rugs have been beautiful transformers of interiors. But has it occurred on your mind that rugs can also be a significant addition to your outdoor area? Yes, outdoor rugs provide your outdoor space with a unique glamor, especially if you chose ones that have vivid colors. You can place it in the middle of the patio or under your outdoor dining table.

Photo by Lotus Gardenscapes & Bloom Garden Center

Artsy Pots

You’ll surely make your garden look attractive if you add sets of colorful and stylish pots for your plants. Artsy pots are one of the secrets to create a beautiful landscape in your outdoor. It’s because it’s not only your collection of plants can bring life to your outdoor, but also their containers.

Photo by Certified-Lighting

You can buy creatively-crafted pots, or you can do a DIY project for that purpose. If you do add those colorful pots in your garden, for sure, your garden will cast off its basic look.

Creative Plantscaping

Since we’re talking about your outdoor space, it’s essential that you emphasize the beauty of Nature in it. Plantscaping can be a big help for that purpose. When selecting a collection of plants to use on your garden, it’s ok to choose a simple, green landscape. But if you want your garden to reach an attention-grabbing level, you should add up a collection of colorful plants and flowers into it.

Photo by Joseph Weuste/ via Houzz

Incorporate an array of plumbago, Mandeville, sunflower, and gardenia to make your garden more colorful. You can also research about other vibrant plants aside from the ones mentioned.

Turn Your Bare Walls into Murals

Aside from emphasizing the beauty of Nature in your outdoor area, it’s also an excellent thing to highlight human creativity in it. For instance, you can turn your bare walls into a work of art by painting colorful murals on it. The good thing about a mural is that it will improve a dull looking space in your outdoor area.

Photo by INC Design Studio

A work of art also clears away the stress on your mind every time you laid eyes on it. If you want to paint your outdoor walls, you can reach out to painting firms like Madani Group for that purpose.

Install Decorative Tiles

You can find a lot of decorative tiles in the market nowadays. Decorative tiles are an excellent thing to add up in your outdoor area if you want it to achieve a certain level of style. You can install around the fountain or pool area.

Photo by Botanical Visions


When designing your outdoor area, it’s advisable that you make it look unique. For instance, it’s essential that you add some colors to it. Colors can enliven your outdoor area and make it more attractive. You can take some of the tips mentioned above to start that outdoor project of yours.

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