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7 Tips to Make Sure Your Home Is Stain Free For Parties

Summer is the season where everyone, from kids to grownups, wants to kick back and relax. Children are on the verge of finishing their school year, which means your home is about to become a mess-prone vicinity. So, how are you going to manage to keep your household spotless and stain free, for all those parties you have lined up? The last thing to hope for would be your guests pointing out unsightly stains and odors throughout the party.

Luckily, with this handy guide, you will be able to treat and guard your precious household items against being soiled beyond limits and get back to sipping those iced teas in no time. In here, we have listed all the tools, techniques, and supplies you will need so grab a book and note these pointers because you will want to remember them later on.

Deal with stains instantly

Timeliness is everything, so you need to act quickly. In order to effectively tackle stains, you must have the right products on hand to treat it. Once the stain has dried it will only make it harder for you to remove it from the fabric, be it your carpet, couch or chairs.

Depending on the time of stain you’ve encountered, it is imperative to treat it immediately to save the item from permanent damage. For instance, blood stains should be treated with cold water not hot, since blood coagulates in heat, if unavailable grab a makeup wipe and start dabbing to remove the stain effectively. Do not scrub or rub, this will only spread it. Similarly, if you’ve got some grease stains on your carpet then quickly grab some soap – detergent or bar soap will do – and dab it onto the area, then blot with a paper towel to remove the excess soap. If the soap suds remain, it will create a sticky film on the spot and make the carpet more vulnerable to dirt and stains.

Have certain household items on hand at all times

Often your big fancy cleaning products turn out to be unsuccessful in cleaning those gritty and stubborn stains so it’s always helpful to be armed with some substitutes that can be found in your home.

Dishwashing soap, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and baby wipes are all effective yet economical cleaning products. Each of these can effectively remove stains from your carpets and couches hence saving you from spending big bucks on a professional carpet cleaning company.

Keep an eye on your pets and their litter

All pet owners are faced with having to clean up after their beloved pets, which can be a messy job sometimes especially when those dirty paw prints start appearing on the carpeting. But you do not need to worry as there are methods to solve such mishaps.

Initially, to neutralize the odor and stain, you can use white vinegar mixed in 1/4th cup of warm water. Let the vinegar soak into the fabric and then use the blot technique to get the stain out until it is dry. It is a quick and easy hack which also avoids purchasing a replacement.

Clean your carpets regularly

People do not realize to clean something until it starts appearing grimy and filthy which is a bad move! This adds on to your workload and requires more equipment and technique just to achieve the average cleaning results. It is advisable to vacuum your carpets and rugs regularly to get rid of any debris or dirt stuck in the threads and backing of the carpet. Moreover, deep cleaning your carpets once a year makes them good as new and completely refreshes the look of your home. Some companies such as London carpet cleaners, are renowned for their exceptional carpet cleaning services out there. With the best equipment and quick service, your carpet’s life span will be multiplied.

Got a big summer bash planned and need to freshen up your messy carpets? Give the professional cleaners a call and they will be at your place with a carpet rejuvenation plan.

DIY – an all-purpose cleaner

All homeowners should be armed with a cleaning concoction that works anytime, anywhere and on any surface. If you don’t have one then here is a DIY concoction which cater all your daily cleaning needs:

Don’t run out of hairspray

Summertime equals to a lot of free time for the kids, which means they will be spending their time playing, watching TV or even coloring. Using color markers near the carpet is bound to leave stains and marks. This is a nightmare for all those who have invested in expensive carpeting. However, hairspray will instantly treat those troubled areas and remove any stains.

Invest in a steam cleaner for your home

Steam cleaners are easily available in the market for purchase and can be used to sanitize a lot of household items. Everything from carpets, mattresses, and curtains, to toys and plushies – they can clean anything.

When dust and grit gets stuck into the backing of the carpets, it is almost impossible to remove it via vacuum cleaners. Though, once you’ve treated the stains, a steam cleaner filled with hot water and vinegar can remove them with ease. Be sure to properly dry the area or it would cause stains to reappear.


A cozy and clean home will look inviting to all which is why be sure to follow these tips every time you host a party and share them with your friends. The more cleaning you do, the better you get at minimizing the damage and it doesn’t cause a rift in your budget unlike having to shop for new supplies. The tools and techniques you require to remove unpleasant stains are simple and easy to find if you are ready to put in the effort.

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Shawn Mike is an engineer who has been in the field of blogging for the last five years. He provides ghostwriting, SMM and copywriting services. He occasionally writes articles for Carpet Bright.

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