7 Top Food Destinations Around the World

Travelers would want to tick a box on their travel checklist. However, travelers who also happen to love food include one factor when planning for their travels – top food destinations in the world!

There’s nothing like tasting an authentic dish at its place of origin. And being traveler and food lover myself, I’ve come up with this list of seven top food destinations around the world. Some I have tried and some I can’t wait to tick on my bucket list.

Tokyo, Japan

Japanese discipline and politeness aren’t the only things that I loved about Japan. Japan, where ramen was born and bred, is a haven of Japanese dishes that will make you come back for more.

I made sure to try out Ichiran ramen, not only for its taste but also for the experience. I wasn’t surprised that there was a long queue upon arriving at the restaurant. Once it’s your turn to order, you do everything on a vending machine. You insert the coins or bills that cover the amount and you start choosing the ingredients and extras you want on your ramen.

The ramen was nothing like I tasted anywhere in the world I traveled to. Rich, creamy, flavorful and I’m already thinking of going back.

Osaka, Japan

Another on my favorite list of top food destinations is Osaka. Aside from the blinding lights and busy intersections, Dotonbori is a place for the famous Okonomiyaki. This is what they coined as the “Japanese pizza.” Indeed, the circular appearance does make it seem like an Asian pizza but the taste is one health buffs will love!

New York, USA

When I visited New York, the first thing that I craved was – none other than – New York pizza! The New York Pizza is well-known even in the most remote places in the world. It’s relatively thinner and bigger, and the flavor is also delectable. Once you take a big bite from that slice, you’ll get the earthy flavor from the brick oven cooking method. Plus, the cheeses, pepperoni, and the herbs are to die for!

Cebu, Philippines

Anthony Bourdain once traveled around the world to search for the best whole-roasted pig and guess where he found it – in Cebu, Philippines! It’s called “Lechon Baboy.” The whole pig is stuffed with herbs, seasoned, and charcoal roasted. Get a piece of the crispy skin and a piece of the meat, dip them in vinegar and eat. All the different flavors will be screaming in your mouth. However, you won’t be able to see the Lechon on just any lunch restaurant; you’ll have to go to authentic sellers to taste the best one.

Hawaii, USA

America is a melting pot of various cuisines and Hawaii is no exception. And although I have yet to experience the poke bowls in Hawaii, I already know how delicious they are. I’ve tried the best poke bowl restaurants in my country. And coming from a country where you can get fresh fish all the time, it was already good. Imagine if I try the authentic one in Hawaii. Poke bowls are a bowl of rice with raw fish, vegetables, and umami sauces.

Bangkok, Thailand

One of my favorite places when you’re a Pad Thai lover of course. I made sure to try the “street” Pad Thai in Khaosan Road for a real local experience. It was cheap but surprisingly good! It had just the right amount of everything – beef, tofu, peanuts, bean sprouts, shrimp, vegetables, and of course the main attraction – rice noodles.

Paris, France

Another place that I have yet to discover is Paris! The capital of fashion and fine dining in the world. The first time I tried foiegras, I didn’t like it. But upon reading several food bloggers’ experiences, I’m excited to try it next when I go this year. Not only that, visiting Paris means you’ll get to try other dishes like duck confit black truffles and not to mention, the wines!

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