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8 Amazing Ocean Views

Science researchers claim that the life on our planet started in the seas and oceans around 4 billion years ago. They also think that that life get out on the lands only 500 million years ago. That means that the sea life has existed so long before any other type of life has appeared. The greater researches are made to find out what happened to the first animals on land, the dinosaurs, the predecessors of the humans. Even now, when the scientists has proven many theories,  the underwater life is still kind of unknown for us. We can say that only 10% of all the oceans are explored and no one knows what really is hidden in the deepest waters.

Some big portion of the known water animals are found in the rivers or some other shallow waters. That is because we haven’t yet really tired to discover what really lives in those great oceans we have on earth.

Oceans can be in direct contact with the land or through the so-called seas. Here are 8 photos of real ocean views.

Great Ocean Road – Port Campbell, Victoria, AU

Image by Andrea Schaffer via Flickr

Southern Edge of Iceland

Image by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr.

“Supermoon” rises over Cape Neddick, Maine, US

Image by Rob Weir via Flickr

Tulum and the Ocean, Mexico

Image by Navin Rajagopalan via Flickr

Ocean Drive State Park, Miami

Image by pspechtenhauser via Flickr

Pacific Ocean

Image by Navin Rajagopalan via Flickr

Ocean Beach San Francisco

Image by David Yu via Flickr

Sunset Colors Over Ocean Beach

Image by David Yu via Flickr

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