When it comes to home maintenance, roofs can be easily overlooked and neglected up until the moment when stains start to show up on a ceiling. Even though properly installed roofs can last a lifetime, a common misconception is that they require little (if any) of our attention. Since the roofs are being on the constant frontline of weather conditions, it is only a question of time when will the carelessness take its toll. This summer is the best time ever to inspect your roof or to perform some roofing work on your home.

Look for the signs of damage in the home

Before climbing on the roof, make sure to inspect all the ceilings and walls in your interior. You would be surprised how many of these small changes goes unnoticed until it’s too late. If there are any signs of damage, no matter how small, rest assure they point directly to a much bigger problem in a roof area that should be taken care of immediately.

8 Best Practices to Maintain Your Roof This Summer

General inspection

Taking a walk on the roof is not the safest walk, but it should be done every now and then, especially after the rainy days or storms. It can be of much help when it comes to spotting the problems in an early phase. Note that a roof inspection should be carried out as safe as possible, but if you feel reluctant about it, do not hesitate to call for the professionals who are well trained for working at the height.

8 Best Practices to Maintain Your Roof This Summer

Look for the signs of damage on the roof

If there are trees around, check for the possible damaged or missing roof tiles since tree branches can easily put out of place any roofing material. After the storms, make sure to check even the masonry because water can get underneath the damaged flashings causing more problems to the inner roof structure.

8 Best Practices to Maintain Your Roof This Summer

Clean the gutters

Summer is the perfect time to clean the gutters and remove the debris, but it should be done in late autumn too, right after the trees have shed their leaves. Leaves and twigs can block the water flow and cause accumulating water in the exterior area. While cleaning, see if there is a shingle material in the gutters, since it is also a sign of a possible roof problem.

8 Best Practices to Maintain Your Roof This Summer

Remove the moss

Depending on a roof material, there is a great possibility that there is a layer of moss (or even algae) growing on your roof. Moss can cause rotting, or serious moisture damages, so make sure your roof is a moss-free. Moss can be easily removed by brushing off or by a pressure washer, but if you wish to prevent the moss growth, consider changing your roof material. For instance, metal roofs are known to be quite resistant to moss.

8 Best Practices to Maintain Your Roof This Summer

Check the ventilation

Before analyzing the ventilation system, compare your home cooling bills for each month. Rising costs are alert that there is something wrong with a roofing ventilation system. They also indicate that a roof insulation is no longer efficient and should be repaired.

8 Best Practices to Maintain Your Roof This Summer


If you have decided to re-roof, make sure to pick a suitable roof covering. If there is just a part of the roof that is being refurbished, roof covering for the exact part should match the rest of the roof. When matching the materials, make sure to match the color too. There is a variety of materials to choose from like clay, slate or concrete tiles, but the choice will usually depend on a budget.

8 Best Practices to Maintain Your Roof This Summer

Consider green

Over the recent years, vegetated roofs have become quite popular. Going green on the roof is not just an eco-friendly, it is a turning your roof area into a friendly outdoor landscape, a great looking change that can also be of some practical use. Not only they provide fresher air, but they stand as additional insulation, as well as they reduce air conditioning in the summer.

8 Best Practices to Maintain Your Roof This Summer


Considering how important roofs are, protecting us from all kinds of weather, inspecting them once or twice a year is not that much of trouble. No matter how long lasting they are, without a regular maintenance, the roofs will age until they are no longer able to withstand even a light summer rain. On the other hand, holding off a walk with ladders will eventually result in lining up the buckets in your rooms. Having a warm weather on your side this summer, make some time to check if everything is ok up there.

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