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8 Hacks To Make Your Outdoor Space Look Expensive

A luxurious outdoor space can make you feel at ease and happy about your property. However, building an expensive-looking outdoor space isn’t easy as it looks, as you need to add the right colors and decorations to make it look luxurious.

To help you out, below are some hacks to make your outdoor space look expensive:

1. Enhance Your Deck

One of the highlights of any outdoor space would be your deck. It’s where you place your outdoor seating and divide your yard into relaxation and active zones. With that, you need to enhance its appearance by putting more higher-quality furniture or repainting them with a more luxurious color.

As you choose your composite deck color, ensure that it matches your home’s exterior. Alternatively, you can use a contrasting color to add definition and depth. However, ensure the colors will blend perfectly with your exterior.

2. Pick A Theme

Choosing an outdoor theme can make your space look more coordinated and expensive. On the other hand, when you don’t have a theme for your outdoor space, it’s easy to get carried away with buying random furniture and throwing together random color schemes. For a polished finish, it’s best to go with a design scheme that echoes the space’s primary function.

There are numerous design ideas to choose from. It could be an outdoor oasis, modern, rustic, cozy, or traditional. If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, choosing a theme that ties in with the rest of your home is a great place to start.

3. Maintain Your Lawn

While often neglected, your lawn can significantly influence how your entire outdoor space looks like. While it might be challenging, especially if you’re working with a large area, you should maintain your lawn and keep them looking neat.

Depending on your preference, it’s best to keep your grass at least two and a half to three inches high. This can give your lawn the right coverage without looking too bushy. Moreover, it’ll be helpful to improve the landscaping to go along with your beautiful lawn.

4. Coordinate Your Furniture

Having coordinated furniture may elevate and make your outdoor space look more cohesive. Incorporating the same aesthetic into your furniture is a great way to add functionality and style to your area.

However, it’ll be better to avoid purchasing exact match sets as they look too plain and out of character. Instead, try to mix various elements in a way that allows everything to look amazing. You can use the same color scheme or material to help complete your outdoor space’s look.

5. Install A Firepit

If you have an extra budget, adding a firepit can do wonders for your outdoor space. Consequently, this step can boost your property’s curb appeal and make your outdoor space look more luxurious. Depending on your theme, you can use stone, marble, or brick.

In addition, installing a firepit can turn your outdoor space into a fun hangout spot. Add enough comfortable seating to make it look more relaxed and snuggly.

6. Add Appropriate Decorations

Decorations play an essential role in how your outdoor space looks like. While choosing the right furniture design would help, adding decors is the perfect garnish to complete the look.

You can put potted plants around the area or even consider adding a pergola above your seating space. This gives comfort and shade while also making your space look more expensive. You can add blankets, throw pillows, and some tabletop décor to enhance the look.

7. Maximize Lighting

Did you know that you can completely transform your outdoor area by adding the right lighting fixtures? They can make your space look luxurious and expensive, improving curb appeal.

You can add spotlights, posts, lanterns, and string lights to create a relaxing vibe, perfect for day and night. If your outdoor area has a fixed ceiling for shade, you might want to add a chandelier to make the area look fancy.

8. Include Water Features

Nothing beats luxury than having a water feature for your outdoor space. While this is a more expensive approach, it can make your outdoor space look expensive. You can add a pool, water fountain, small pond, or waterfalls.

Apart from enhancing your yard’s aesthetic, they can also provide relaxation as you hear the sound of water flowing around your property. They can also help increase your property value, which would be a great deal.


Making your outdoor space look expensive can boost your property’s curb appeal. Moreover, beautiful outdoor space can help put you in a great mood as you’re always greeted with an amazing view whenever you’re at home.

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