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8 Interior Design Mood Boards Inspired By Popular Netflix Shows

When you get the keys to your new home, you may find yourself noticing the decor of wherever you are more than usual. You start paying much more attention to the light fittings in restaurants or notice that adorable front door on the house down the street every time you walk by. Everywhere you go sets you bubbling over with ideas for your new space.

There are more unusual places you can seek interior design inspiration, too. One being the background of your favourite Netflix shows. Although the streaming platform is mostly known for flipping the way we watch TV, it’s also responsible for some of the most binge-worthy shows it hosts on its platform.

Express Doors Direct shows us how you can take a unique approach to your home decor with these Netflix inspired interior design mood boards.

Sex Education

The vintage mid-century stylings complemented with modern technology had us drooling over the decor used in Sex Education. To recreate, you’ll need to invest in floral-print fabrics, wicker furniture and, of course, a peppering of phallic art.

Although classic seventies with a slightly more modern twist isn’t the easiest aesthetic to recreate, it is certainly a showstopper for those that pull it off.

Squid Game

While others were watching the gruesome scenes unfold, we were looking at the interior decor. The industrial straight lines, bold pops of colour and nod to on-the-verge-of-tacky-but-it-somehow-works-accessories shouldn’t work, but it definitely does.

To pull this off, you need to think of dramatic minimalism. This could certainly be the funkiest bedroom aesthetic you will ever create.

Sweet Tooth

Next, we move on from grotesque murder games to the hellish post-apocalypse of Sweet Tooth. Who knew that twisted could be so comforting? Cutting a room back to the bare essentials can result in a remarkable space that you’ll want to stay in forever.

Suede upholstery, woollen blankets and lantern-like lighting that you can manually lower to set the right ambience while bingeing this show, this decor brings a brand new way to immerse yourself in the wildness of the plot.

Stranger Things

Sticking with the eerie theme one more time, we bring you a living room mood board honouring the eighties-based American horror series Stranger Things. Byer’s home merges brown mid-century furnishings with pops of yellow and is finished with retro accessories like a mint green phone.

It wouldn’t be a nod to Stranger Things without the fairy lights. Swap these out for multi-coloured garlands to remove the “Christmas all-year-round” vibe.

The Queen’s Gambit

Flipping the switch entirely, if you’re looking for something much, much sweeter then taking inspiration from The Queen’s Gambit is your best bet.

Turn your bedroom into a space your younger self would melt over. Think pale pinks and flowery greens, sumptuous patterned fabrics and, of course, chequered wallpaper as a nod to the Netflix show to pull this style off.


Let’s stick with a pastel theme but utilise it for an entirely different aesthetic. In addition to changing the way we watch TV and creating amazing settings to build the intensity of their creations, the brand has also coined an entirely new interior design category.

The term ‘regencycore’ was created in response to Netflix’s Bridgerton and relies heavily on the pastel colours often found in this type of drama. Complement these pastels with natural wooden features, ornate decor, and don’t forget the obligatory fainting couch and you’ve very easily nailed this aesthetic.


Stick with softer tones and mix it with more of a 1950’s vibe and you’ve accomplished a distinctive decor similar to those shown in Ratched. Usually, hospitals aren’t the main inspiration for interior design, but by taking the sharp, fluted legs of furniture typical of this era like chairs, cabinets and even the TV cabinet, and then softening it with gentle curves and muted pastels and velvets will create a distinctive home many will envy.

Cobra Kai

An interior design style unlike any that has been mentioned in this post so far, who wouldn’t want a bedroom as relaxing as the settings you see throughout Cobra Kai?

Achieve this by making use of natural, wooden materials and wicker, opt for square or rectangular shapes juxtaposed by a couple of curved options, finished off with some popping focal points like a shoji-style screen and you’ll create a nirvana you’ll never want to leave.

As with any redecoration project, it’s vital that you don’t forget the basics that can make or break a space. The skirting boards, light fixtures and even internal doors all have their part to play when creating a showstopping space.

If in doubt, load up your favourite Netflix show and cast your eyes to the background.

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