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8 Not so Known Places in Images

The world is an enormous place, where the diversity is unthinkable. We, people have explored it and accepted it as it is or we try to change it to fit our needs. In the world there are many undiscovered places but there are also those kind that are not so known places. Many of those places are astonishing with their beauty and uniqueness. For that we present you a list of not so known places from our planet, because we know that these are just perfect for the eyes.

Ice Towers & Caves of Mount Erebus, Antarctica

Mount Erebus is a second largest and constantly active volcano from 1972. At the top of the mountain there are formations because of the steam that looks like ice towers. There are also many ice caves which are so interesting for exploration. The blue glows of those ice caves is making them unique. We think that this is not so known place and it deserves to be in this list.

Image by NOAA Photo Library via Flickr

Image by Eli Duke via Flickr

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks, New Mexico

Nasha-Katuwe tent rocks are a rock formation that happened over 7 million years ago. The rocks were formed as a result of ash deposited by pyroclastic flow from volcanic eruptions.

Image by Bureau of Land Managemenet via Flickr

Image by slack12 via Flickr

Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico

Lechuguilla cave is one of the most known from those not so known places in the world. This cave is unique by its crystal formations of gypsum and aragonite located within.

Dave Bunnell [CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Dave Bunnell [CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Krubera Cave, Abkhazia, Georgia

Krubera cave is located in Abkhazia, Georgia (the country in Asia, not the state in America). It is the deepest cave in the world, dropping a startling 2,191 meters from its entrance. The cave is also known as Vorony Cave meaning crow cave, because it was full of nesting crows when it was first discovered.

Image by gafa kassim via Flickr

Valley of Flowers, Himalayas, India

Valley of Flowers is a National Park in India and it is one of the most beautiful places. This is not so known place but for those that knows it, it is their favorite place. It is a home for a great and unique flora, so diverse that it deserves its name. It is also a home for many animals like Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, brown bear and blue sheep.

Image by Rajesh via Flickr

Image by Rubi Borgohain via Flickr

Glen Coe, Scotland

It is settled in the northern part of Scotland. Considered as one of the most spectacular paces in this country. Glen Coe  is a favorite place for photographers because of the great scenery it offers.

Image by Dave Appleby via Flickr

Image by Dave Appleby via Flickr

Image by Chris Ford via Flickr

Wulingyuan (Zhangjiajie), China

This is a place that is home of a three-thousand enormous sandstone pillars. This place is renamed and often called “Avatar Hallelujah Mountains”. It is a dedicated UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992 but it still remains not so known place to the world’s population.

Image by Eric via Flickr

Image by John Philip via Flickr

Ki Monastery, Spiti Valley, India

Ki Monastery or often called Key Gompa, is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery which stands spectacularly on a hill overlooking the small Indian village of Kibar. It is founded in the 11th century, and it has not had a peaceful history. It has been attacked many times over the long time of its existence. It was ravaged many times by Mongol armies and suffered by fires and earthquakes.

Image by beagle17 via Flickr

Image by 4ocima via Flickr

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