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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Norway

Norway or Kingdom of Norway is Scandinavian monarchy and is one of the most beautiful and most visited country in Europe. The population in Norway is 5,109,059 people and total area of Norway is 385,252 square kilometers. The capital city is Oslo and also is a biggest cultural, political and economic city in Norway.

Norway is one of the few country in Europe rich with magnificent nature, amazing landscapes, beautiful interesting buildings, great waterfalls, old architecture and historical places. If you want this summer to explore some unusual destination, definitely should go in Norway.

Norway is a perfect destination for weekend getaways or for a vacation. It’s very peaceful country so you can go there alone or with your family. If you want to enjoy in the beautiful nature that mother nature has created only for us and in breathtaking landscapes, definitely should visit Fjords, Pulpit Rock, Trollstigen Mountain Road…. Lovers of old architecture and churches can visit Gol Stave Church.

In this article you can see 8 awesome photos of Norway that will make you to go there and enjoy in the beautiful nature, that you can see only there.

Fjords Of  Norway

Image By Howard Ignatius Via Flickr

Geiranger Fjord

Image By Zdenek Svoboda Via Flickr

Island of Sommeroy

Image By matlacha Via Flickr

Pulpit Rock

Image By Ken Douglas Via Flickr

Rural properties coming into land at Oslo

Image By Nathanael Boehm Via Flickr

Scale Replica of the Gol Stave Church

Image By Bill Barber Via Flickr

Sea Shacks Geiranger

Image By Les Haines Via Flickr

Trollstigen Mountain Road

Image By caruba Via Flickr

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