8 Things To Do In Barcelona For The Whole Family

Barcelona is famous for its breath-taking architecture, authentic tapas and lively streets. It is also the perfect place to take your family to make unforgettable memories as it is so diverse. There are so many exciting and unique things to do, but make sure you plan in advance to make the most out of your trip and to ensure you are able to get entry into everywhere you’d like to. So, have a read on to find out some of the best spots for your family in this stunning city!

Park Guell

This is one of the tourist hotspots of the city due to it’s completely unique architecture. Gaudi’s influence is embedded throughout the whole city, so teaching your children about the history behind his work is a great thing to do whilst in Barcelona. Park Guell is the perfect place for these lessons, as your children can weave in and out of the porticos, feel the variety of different textures throughout the park and look out onto the city. If you wanted to spend a good few hours here, definitely take some food and drink with you as the shops surrounding it are very expensive.


Children love animals and there’s no better place for them to see them than in Barcelona Zoo. The zoo is vast so you could spend at least half a day here. There is so much biodiversity to see within the park and they have a firm focus on conservation and working to maintain habitats so you know you are visiting somewhere ethical. Make sure you save time to go to the seal show!

Chocolate Museum

One thing that children love more than animals is chocolate! So, spending some time at the Museu de la Xocolata is essential. Your kids will get a chance to learn a bit about the history of chocolate, how it is made, see chocolate sculptures and do some serious tasting. Some of the activities involved can get pretty messy, so taking coverall bibs is necessary!

Kippelboy, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Head To The Beach

One of the amazing things about Barcelona is that you will be in the middle of a bustling city one minute and the next you can relax on a serene beach. Set aside some time to relax and give your feet a rest with an afternoon at the beach. In the summer, there’s no better way for your kids to cool off than in the sea. If you are visiting in the winter, the four kilometer long beach makes for the perfect sunset walk destination. Take some time out of your schedule and step back to enjoy Barcelona’s beauty.

Magic Fountain Show

Located in the Montjuic neighbourhood of Barcelona, the magic fountain show is a must see. The bright colours, water movement and music will leave your children mesmerised! Check the show times before going as they change regularly, but there are usually two shows a night lasting around 20 minutes. I’d recommend getting there early as the crowds build up quickly, an endorsement of how fantastic the show is!

Camp Nou

If your child is a football fan, you can’t beat watching Barcelona play at Camp Nou. Book your tickets far in advance to guarantee you’ll get seats and head to the ground using the efficient tram system. There are plenty of places around the city to buy Barcelona football shirts or scarves so you’ll fit right in. If you don’t manage to get tickets for a game, you can still have guided tours of the stadium, including going down to pitch level! For the little football fans out there, this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Parc de la Ciutadella

This park in the centre of Barcelona is one of the most vibrant and exciting parks you will ever visit. It is filled with beautiful greenery, a stunning waterfall and spectacular arches. As well as the beautiful scenery for the adults, there are multiple facilities for your children to play in. You can also hire bikes which is a great way to explore the expanse of space around you. Make sure you set aside a few hours for this part of your trip, because you’re not going to want to leave!

Cable Cars

To see the entire city from above, hop on Barcelona’s cable cars. You will see the most amazing aerial views of the city and it will make for some great family photo opportunities! You could turn this into a fun game for your children by printing off photos of some of the biggest and most famous landmarks in Barcelona and see if they can spot them from the cable cars. If you’re in need of a relaxing afternoon activity, this will be perfect.

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