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9 Incredible Ways To Travel Smart More Often On A Budget

Most people mention lack of money as an excuse for not traveling. Although globetrotting can be expensive, creative travelers always find inexpensive ways to tour the world.

So if you want to satisfy your wanderlust and still stick to the size of your wallet, you must rethink your travel strategy. To get you started, here are nine ways to travel more often on a shoe-string budget.

Travel At The Right Time

Timing can be the game-changer when traveling. During the high season, most people fight for the best spot on the beach, and in the low season, most destinations close the business due to lousy weather.

But there is a short window of opportunity called the shoulder season when both prices and crowds are relatively low, and the weather is still almost perfect. If you travel at this time, you can enjoy the attractions and save money.

Take A Day Trip

Taking a day trip is the least expensive way to travel to local destinations. Just pick a destination that is far enough, like a famous landmark, historic site, national park or an interesting town. Search the names of the local cities or destinations, and get a GPS for your RV and hit the road.

Consider Home Exchange

Swapping your home with somebody else can be a smart way to get a comfy and affordable accommodation. You can choose to stay in each other’s property at the same time or stay as guests separately.

If you develop cold feet about an unfamiliar person staying in your home, don’t. Since this setup is based on common exchange, your partner is more likely to take good care of your home. And if you do you research well on your partner, you will significantly reduce the risk of leaving your home to a destructive resident.

Go Rogue

Currently, most people do a lot of booking online, and companies watch your habit. As such, ensure that the travel industry is not taking advantage of you by making yourself less visible online when you buy or search for travel products. That means clearing all your cookies and history when you make travel searches. It also means exchanging servers when you’re looking for travel information.

Save On Hotels

Spending too much on lodging can bust your budget. In fact, hotels can exhaust your funds faster than other travel expenses. Therefore, find ways to save money on your next hotel stay. Here are easy ways for that:

Book A Cruise

Going on a cruise can significantly save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by allowing you to pay for your lodging, entertainment, and food at one low price. If you can stay in an interior stateroom you can even save more. And in any case, you will not spend a lot of time in your cabin. If you live near the coast, you can also avoid paying airfare by sailing to the nearest port city.

Book A Vacation Rental

A vacation rental may be unsuitable if you’re traveling alone or you enjoy eating out. But if you’re planning to travel with family or other people, it could save you more money than a hotel. This is because every person adds to the party which cuts costs considerably.

Avoid Falling For Budget Airfare

Everyone wants to save big bucks on airfares, but not all airfares work alike. For example, most basic economy offers to offer great economy tickets, but have restrictions on a carry-on bag into the cabin. Some of them also restrict you from choosing seats and canceling. So be careful about too attractive deals.

Stay Open Minded

Most people focus so much on mainstream travel options, such as rental cars, cabs, motels, and hotels, and forget there are endless options like Couchsurfing and renting a home directly from the owner. So check our travel sites such as Airbnb to find alternative accommodations that typically cost less than the conventional hotel rooms. If you are a bit more flexible, start using a budget tracking sheet so you can save money all year and then travel when you find something amazing.

Taking public transportation in some cities, for example, can save you nearly 50%. Therefore, once you select a chosen destination, search for maps, guides, and apps that can make your travel smoother and cost-effective. In fact, some apps even make complex transportation systems easy to navigate.

Traveling can be fun and inexpensive if you embrace these tips. Do you have more ideas? Share them in the comment section below.

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