9 Of The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles Around The World

There is something spectacular in watching today abandoned, but back then grandiose structures filled with life. Thus, the once lavish splendor disappeared under layers of dust, and sometimes charge solemn salons today are home to insects and small animals.

The elegant architecture could not resist the influence of weather and natural elements … Enveloped in the mystery of his time, as a testimony of some better times, these wonderful buildings creations are those  that attract great attention.

While those who attend are asked who their owner and what life he had between their walls, silent buildings remain to rise and to fascinate people with its looks.

In addition look at the nine most beautiful abandoned castles worldwide.

“Château de Noisy” Castle – Celles, Belgium

“Kasteel van Mesen” Castle – Lede, Belgium

Benneth College – New York

“Bannerman” Castle – New York

“Champollion House”, The Palace of prince Said Halim – Cairo, Egypt

“Muromtzevo Mansion” – Russia

“Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo Mansion” – Moscow, Russia

Pidhirtsi Castle – Pidhirsti, Ukraine

Girl’s School “Lillesden Estate Mansion” – Great Britain

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