9 Photos of the One of a Kind Salt Restaurant in Iran

Salt consists of one of the strongest and safest natural elements with disinfection property, was concluded as an advantage for designing a restaurant with an green concept, for Emtiaz Designing Group. Through diffusing Cl2 and O2 ions, Natural salt refines the surrounding air so it can filter the urban polluted air.

Emtiaz Designing Group, due to the location of natural salt mines and the Salt Lake used for salt extraction which were close to the project location, which is located in Shiraz city, Iran, decided to build the restaurant with the use of powder, rock, and compact layers of salt. The project design started with conducting studies on appropriate type of local salt and its combination with natural gums and following that, the design of the walls, roof, and stairs was performed in order to represent a modern view of salt caves. In the design of the project’s indoor and outdoor walls, creation a sense of spatial coherence, modern space and at the same time a space close to nature. Walls and the seat platforms, inspired by layers inside salt caves, were designed in a modern sense in a way to be capable of providing kitchen and counter to serve the customers.

The designing of the stairs in addition to holding all implementation issues should locate along with the walls forming the space and also connect the downstairs to upstairs in a torsion form. The coatings used for stairs, chairs and door handle of the entrance are made of melted aluminum from beverage cans which were collected from restaurants nearby and were casted. The recycled beverage cans had lower melting temperature and so lowered the energy consumption during the process of casting. All tables are made of natural rock salt and were designed and constructed by Emtiaz Designing Group. All fittings such as windows and entrance door were specifically designed and casted for this project. The project’s foundation is 150 square meters and it’s in two floors. This restaurant is the first in the world that is built by natural salt and it is one of a kind.

More informations and pictures of the salt restaurant can be found here, and to see other projects of Emtiaz Designing Group, go to their official website.

All the pictures in this article belongs to the © Emtiaz Designing Group, and they gave us exclusive right to use them in this article.

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