Many individuals begin planning their summer getaways and road trips as summer approaches. Road vacations are fantastic because they provide a feeling of independence and adventure so that you can discover new locations at your leisure. There’s a road trip for everybody, whether seeking beautiful driving, outdoor pursuits, or city sightseeing. Here are nine summer road trip options for 2023:

9 of the Best Road Trip Ideas

1. Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

California’s Pacific Coast Highway, often known as Highway 1, is among the most magnificent drives in the United States. The route between San Francisco and San Diego is nearly 600 miles long, going through communities like Santa Cruz, Big Sur, and Santa Cruz. You’ll witness stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean, mountainous coastline, and quaint beach communities along the route.

9 Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2023

2. Great Lakes Road Trip

If you prefer freshwater lakes over the beach, a road trip across the Great Lakes area may be for you. Begin in Chicago and travel east to see towns such as Detroit and Cleveland and natural wonders like Niagara Falls and Sleeping Bear Dunes State Lakeshore.

9 Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2023

3. Road Tour to the Southwestern National Parks

A trip through the Southwest’s national parks is necessary if you enjoy the great outdoors. Begin in Las Vegas and travel east to see the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Arches National Parks. You’ll witness some of the country’s most beautiful natural vistas, including red rocky outcrops, valleys, and desert landscapes.

9 Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2023

4. Florida Keys Road Trip

Take a road trip along the Florida Keys, a 120-mile-long chain of islands running from Key Largo to Key West. Along the route, you may visit beaches, go swimming or snorkeling, and sample local cuisine. Some unusual roadside sights exist, like the giant lobster statue near Islamorada.

9 Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2023

5. Historic Route 66 Road Trip

Drive along Historic highway 66, the legendary route that connects Chicago to Santa Monica, to see a bit of Americana. You may stop at historic eateries, hotels, and roadside sights.

9 Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2023

6. Road Trip Through New England for Autumn Foliage

If planning a fall road trip, try traveling through New England to view the spectacular fall foliage. Begin in Boston and go north into Vermont and New Hampshire to view beautiful leaves on trees and lovely New England villages.

9 Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2023

7. Road Tour Across Texas’ Hill Country

Explore the Texas Hill Country, an area noted for its picturesque roads, vineyards, and barbeque, to get a taste of the Lone Star State. Start in Austin and go west to communities like Edinburg and Marble Falls and natural wonders like Enchanted Rock.

9 Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2023

8. Road Trip Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Enjoy a lovely trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway, which extends 469 miles from Virginia to North Carolina. Along the trip, you’ll witness breathtaking Appalachian Mountain views, beautiful tiny villages, and many outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing.

9 Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2023

9. Road Trip Across the Canadian Rockies

If you want to leave the country, a road trip across the Canadian Rockies is a lifetime experience. Begin in Calgary and travel west to explore the spectacular hills, glaciers, and blue lakes of Banff and Jasper Parks.

9 Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2023

How to Prepare for a Road Trip

Planning and Route Mapping

  • Make a general plan for the trip and decide on a location.
  • Throughout the route, check the weather and road conditions.
  • Determine the anticipated travel time by mapping the route with a GPS or map app.

Vehicle Preparation

  • Do a general upkeep check on the vehicle, including oil, braking, tires, and headlights.
  • Prepare an emergency kit, including a spare wheel, tools, and jumper cables.
  • Find a good vehicle for your trip, there are many RV dealers in Wisconsin or an area near you.

9 Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2023

Accommodation and Packing

  • Create a trip checklist and ensure you have everything you need.
  • Assess the length of a trip and arrange for appropriate lodgings.
  • Make bookings for rest stops, campsites, or motels if needed.

Packing Tips for Road Trips

Pack Light

When it involves road trip packing, less is frequently more. Pack only what you need and avoid overpacking. Remember, if necessary, you could always wash your clothing at a laundry or a motel.

Sort Your Baggage

You may save time and space by organizing your bags. Use elastic straps or compression sacks to keep your clothing and possessions tidy and small.

9 Road Trip Ideas for Summer 2023

Bring Food and Water

Bring a cooler full of nutritious snacks and plenty of fluids to keep you fuelled and hydrated for your road trip. You will save money and time by eliminating frequent trips to fast-food eateries and convenience stores.


To summarize, several intriguing road trip possibilities exist in Summer 2023. There’s plenty for everyone, from gorgeous coastline drives to national park trips and city hopping. A road trip is a terrific opportunity to visit new areas and has amazing experiences, whether you choose adventure or leisure. So, start organizing your trip today and prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!