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9 Trendy Home Decor Ideas for 2022

Home decor is one of the great passions of many homeowners. Especially if you have a budget that allows you to mess around and get creative, you can find hip ways to make your home feel brand-new. If you’re struggling to find ideas that will unlock your home’s full potential, it’s time to read this list. Here are nine of the trendiest home decor ideas that have exploded in popularity so far in 2022:

1. The Seventies are Back

Retro, seventies-inspired decoration choices are incredibly popular in 2022. If you want to take advantage of this hip phenomenon, you need to pick groovy, psychedelic rugs and prints to decorate your home with. An emphasis on comfort, openness, and environmentally-conscious design choices is key if you want to truly embrace the seventies-styled design choices that have surged into the mainstream in 2022.

2. Community-Centered Decor Ideas

If you want to feel like you’re part of your community, you need a home that reflects the aesthetic, look, and values of the community you’re living in. Whether you’re in a coastal community, a woodland loner, or in a city environment, basing your decoration aesthetic on your locale is a great way to feel like you’re a “local,” even when you’re just relaxing in your living room. Typically, coastal homes will have lighter colors and more elemental design incorporating driftwood and seashells while cabins tend to have darker decor. Middle America has taken a liking to Farmhouse chic which uses a lot of whites and greys in their decor.

3. Plants, Plants, Plants

Nothing is as trendy and satisfying to decor-nuts in 2022 as a good houseplant. The sheer variety of available houseplants makes it easy to find one that fits your particular tastes and your home’s aesthetic. If you’re worried about your ability to keep a plant alive, you can always go with succulents, as they are incredibly easy to keep alive, even if you’re prone to forgetting things.

4. Multifunctional Spaces

Having spaces in your home that can play multiple roles is all the rage in 2022. A living room that can transform into a workout space, a garage that also functions as a neighborhood bar, and other creative multifunctional space ideas are all projects you can take on. These transformative ideas will make your home feel more valuable and enjoyable than you ever dreamt possible.

5. The Perfect Home Office Space

With the culture shift that’s leading more and more people to work from home, home offices have become a huge emphasis for decor-nuts. Making a home office space that actually makes you want to work is one of the best projects you can take on. The fact that this will add massive home equity value to your home makes the project that much more attractive.

6. Repurposed Decorations

Finding objects that would otherwise just rot in your yard, or go into the trash, and repurposing them to be beautiful decorations in your home is one of the best ways to be both hip and environmentally conscious. Once again, thinking about the aesthetic of the locale you’re living in is important, and can help you pull off the repurposed decorations in a way that’s sure to thrill your guests.

7. Rounded Edges

Rounded edges on furniture have become a must-have for hip homeowners in 2022. If you want furniture that looks modern, and that can be placed into spaces more creatively, investing in furniture that has rounded edges is crucial. The price tag can be higher on rounded-edge furniture, but the sheer amount of vibrancy and life it can bring to your home is hard to overstate.

8. Leather Furniture

Another furniture trend in 2022 deals with leather materials. Faux leather, cow leather, and other leather-based furniture is exploding in popularity this year. These pieces are luxurious, and add a sense of class to your home while remaining hip. For those who love mixing a sense of class and style, adding some quality leather furniture to your home is one of the best decor investments you can make.

9. Painted Ceilings

Painted ceilings are a great way to liven up an entire room. People rarely look up when they’re in a room, and this is because ceilings tend to be bland (if not falling apart). By adding beautiful colors and designs to your ceiling, you’ll give everyone who visits your room a reason to talk about your unique, creative living spaces.

Here’s to a Hip Home

Having a hip home is a great way to make new friends, and find a new sense of pride in your house. Not only this, but a properly decorated, clearly-hip home decoration scheme can boost your home’s equity. If you have the budget to pull it off, 2022 is the best year yet to invest in making your home look slick and unique.

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