9 Unique Universities Around the Globe

If the memory of your university is a somewhat mix of missed lectures, cheap food, coffee from coffee machines or the dark and big halls, you won’t recognize this list. Here you can see a list of universities that are kind of different. Those universities are the top universities in the world.

Ever wondered how it looked like if you studied on Harvard? Or secretly loved to study on Oxford University and pretend you are in the Harry Potter books? Well here you can see how they look like.

In this list you will also see universities from USA. Like the one in Boston, Indiana or Florida. Some of those university buildings are medieval universities, others are modern. That does not make any difference because they are here so we can learn who we are and how to make great achievements in our lives.

Harvard University Campus

Image by pspechtenhauser via Flickr

Schools Quadrangle Building, Old Bodleian Library – Oxford

Image by Simon Hadleigh-Sparks via Flickr

Exterior Northeastern Univ, Boston

Image by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism via Flickr, Credit: David Fox

Indiana University Sample Gates in Bloomington

Image by Joey Lax-Salinas via Flickr

University of Tampa, Florida

Image by Matthew Paulson via Flickr

Queen’s University Belfast, Ireland

Image by William Murphy via Flickr

University of Sydney

Image by Andrea Schaffer via Flickr

UMass Medical School, Worcester

Image by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism via Flickr

University Club of Chicago

Image by Eric Allix Rogers via Flickr

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